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Quizville (Autumn Fall, 2013)

angkitWe at Thousand Miles are delighted to inform our esteemed readers that from this issue onwards, Angkit Rajkumar, a known name in the quizzing circuit of Assam, will be our guest quiz columnist, where he will test your grey cells with his volley of deceptive questions and voodoo!
May the Force be with you!

“Of all the imps in mischief’s train
Distinguish’d most, and most caress’d,
(Tho’ wond’rous awkard to explain)
Ah surely quizzing is the best!

For great ones still ’tis only fit,-
I fear, were quzzing quite in vogue,
What makes the rich man half a wit
Wou’d make the poor man quite a rogue.”

                                      -Mary Young Sewell


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About The Author

Angkit Rajkumar

A die-hard, veteran quizzer and an equally acclaimed Quiz-master from Assam. He has been active in the quizzing circuit for over 10 years. A blogger, voracious reader and a comics aficionado, he is the 'Galactus' of the 'Knowledge Universe'. He likes to spend time in his world of fantasy and in case, you wanted to have a taste of that, drop in at his Tumblr blog. Currently he is pursuing his Masters in Business Administration from Tezpur University.

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