Hi Friends! How are you? This is Yogi Saraswat again here with a new post from Ranikhet. Before starting my writing on this place, I would like to thank you  for your overwhelmed support and response to my very first post of “ Satopanth & Swargarohini “ .

Ranikhet in Hindi means “Queen’s Land “. This charming hill station is in Almora district of Uttarakhand at a height of about 1829 meters from MSL. I can assure you that you will find it to be one of the best places to explore and yes it has everything to pacify the nerves of an avid city dweller. You may visit Ranikhet in all seasons and you will find it very suitable in all the seasons of the year. But remember that you will need light warm clothes in Monsoon seasons and of course heavy woolen clothes in core winter. Ranikhet is a perfect place for nature lovers especially Himalayan lovers. It reflects best of the Himalayas and here you will find charming and majestic views of great Himalaya, pine trees, lush green and dense forests. You would become happy when you can feel aromatic mountainous breeze which is absolute pure and fresh. The panoramic view of great Himalaya actually makes this place feel like paradise on earth.

In fact, Ranikhet was almost lost in oblivion due to lack of people knowledge but it was the Britishers who discovered its real beauty and made it popular and now it is truly a hill station to visit. They established head quarter of Kumaun regiment here in the year of 1869; it was not actually for any strategic purpose but was for a retreat and to be relaxed from the heat of Indian hot summers. Ranikhet is a cantonment town now and the main city is fairly crowded but the cantonment area offers pure air and serene environment all over. This was the introduction of Ranikhet, now I will tell you how to reach there.

As I have mentioned earlier that Ranikhet is a hill station so there is no direct rail head up to this town. Kathgodam (KGM) is the last rail head for this town; Kathgodam is very near to Haldwani. You can avail direct buses from Haldwani town or jeep from Kathgodam Railway station. It takes 7-8 hours to reach Ranikhet from Haldwani. so the best way to reach Ranikhet is to travel from Delhi to Kathgodam by train  and then by bus , but there are limited  trains for Kathgodam from Delhi so you may opt another option , First take overnight bus from Delhi’s ISBT to Haldwani and then again board a bus for Ranikhet from Haldwani . Now few buses are also available from ISBT to Ranikhet also.

There are many places to visit in Ranikhet like Chaubatiya Gardens, Jhula Devi Mandir, Upat Golf Course , Haidakhan Temple, Majkhali, Mankameshwar Temple, Kumayun Regiment MuseumAshiyana Park for children and in nearby places Kausani and Baidhnath temple group . Chaubatiya is famous for its apple gardens and here you can see a church made by Britishers in 1884. Hedakhan Temple is about 6-7 km away from the main town of Ranikhet and from here you may see a clear view of Himalaya’s Trishul peak depending upon the weather. Upat golf course is a 9 hole golf course and a must visit place in Ranikhet if your kids are with you as this place provides a long and wide field to enjoy . The road from here goes to Majkhali, and Majkhali is known as a best place to see the perfect views of Himalaya. Next day in your trip you may visit Kausani which is about 80 km far from Ranikhet . Kausani is well known place as Mahatma Gandhi stayed there for few days and the place where he stayed is known as “Anashakti Ashram”. You can also may stay there by paying a reasonable price. I would like to share a secret that you can’t find a better place to see Sunset or Sunrise better than this as the actual place for sunset or sunrise lovers is very close to this place. Kausani is also known for its Tea Gardens and birth place of great Hindi poet “Sumitra Nandan Pant “ .


Thank you!!