[box_light]As I was wondering about which film to write about, I came up with a very rational film of all times from Bollywood- Swades. On the occasion of our Anniversary, I thought of writing about some good concept films, so I started up with Mohan from Swades. The entire film is based on attachment that we must hold about our own country, the emotions , the affection and everything that relates us with our own country. The present conditions of India enhances brain-drain for which many such talents relatively leave this land for better future. This country-our own India needs something what is shown in the film to upgrade itself a self-sufficient nation. We often gaze to other countries’s development and progress and rebuke India for its present being, forgetting we are responsible for it. The entire film relates these things with each other.[/box_light]

The Plot:

Mohan Bhargava (Shahrukh Khan in lead role) is diplayed as an NRI working at NASA as a Project Manager.  After twelve years of stay in the US, he made his mind to return to India to find his Grandma Kaveri Amma (Kishori Balal), with whom he has completely lost touch for many years. Along the way, he meets a number of interesting people including road side-intellectual beggar from the village called Charanpur where Kaveri Amma now lives. There is the village postmaster who was very much eager to know more about internet world, while also having a keen hobby of Desi wrestling and is a only voice of reason amongst the village elders. On the contrary, there’s also a cook who holds ambitions of opening a Indian dhaba on a US freeways and foresees Mohan as his opportunity to get himself to US.

While the protagonist Mohan soon adapts himself to countryside life in the village and introduces gradually himself to its people, he also faces certain difficult aspects. Among them are poverty, illiteracy, discrimination of caste,dislike to education and many more. He tries in his own way to bring about some changes,  In doing so, he attains the respect of Gita (Gayatri Joshi), a childhood friend who lives with Kaveri Amma and runs the local school.

One fine morning Kaveri Amma sends him away to another village called Kodi to collect money from a farmer  called Haridas who has rented their land. Along the way to Kodi, Mohan realizes the problems faced by the villagers of India. Haridas, the farmer who owes the land once has left with no money to feed his own family. Mohan returns empty handed himself and by providing Haridas a handful of money to run his family for a while, he went away. This journey to Kodi proves to be the turning point in Mohan’s life and he comes back to resolve quality of life of the villagers.

He looks over the electricity shortage matter of the village and finally decides to set up a hydro-electricity plant by building a reservoir beneath a perennial spring on a nearby hill. Using his own money, he finally resolves the matter and the fact becomes a miracle for the villagers of Charanpur.

By then, it’s time for him to leave for his upcoming project at NASA. Kaveri Amma, whom he had intended to take along with him,finally refuses to come with him and even Gita his tender love , also refuses to come with him. He returns alone to US but feels a growing sense of inside agony with responsibility and gratitude towards his country and relatively felt guilt for not being able to do much for the welfare of its people and his country. He stays to finish his project at NASA before giving his resignation letter and finally returns to India and to the people of Charanpur and to his beloved Gita and Kaveri Amma. The film ends with a good note where Mohan was seemed playing wrestle game with one of his close mates near a temple side.

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Details of the film:

title: Swades

Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker
Produced by Ashutosh Gowariker
Ronnie Screwala
Screenplay by Ashutosh Gowariker
Story by Ashutosh Gowariker
M. G. Sathya
Starring Shahrukh Khan,Gayatri Joshi
Kishori Balal
Music by A.R.Rahman
Cinematography Mahesh Aney
Editing by Ballu Saluja
Distributed by Ashutosh Gowariker Productions
Utv Motion Pictures
Release date(s) December 17, 2004
Running time 194 mins
Country India
Language Hindi/English
Budget INR21 cr (US$4.19 million)
Box office INR23.90 cr (US$4.77 million)