It was during a travel to Agartala, Tripura after my Post Graduation defense  during the month of July back in 2015. The journey was 18 hours travel from my home town Sivasagar, Assam. Another epic book from Dr. Kalam Sir
entitled ‘My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Action’ was in my hand as I was travelling. I was reading and turning pages out of curiosity of what is to come next. I was imagining Kalam Sir’s childhood, his study life, his family members and how supportive they must have been in making the person whom we today know as ‘ People’s President’ or ‘The Missile Man of India’. It was 27th July 2015, the day we all received the heart breaking news of Kalam Sir being no more with us. I was bit emotional receiving the saddening news of his demise while holding and reading his book at the same time. I looked to the cover of the book for some minutes which has the picture of Kalam Sir smiling. I looked outside the window and prayed to Almighty to rest his soul in peace. Dr. Kalam Sir may be not with us with his mundane body but his love, inspirations, teachings and beliefs is pulling us and driving our India to be  better country. In this month of July, we, at Thousand Miles mourn the biggest loss of our nation once again and remember him as we always do. Dr. Kalam Sir, we all love you. You will be missed always!