The principles of individual should lay before his pride and grief, Sardar Patel a man, a legend who lived a life of principles. Recently our nation has got the privilege of being the land of the world’s tallest statue. “Statue of unity” is the talk of the hour. Everyone is talking, sharing and posting about the new pride of India and the big question arises: whether it is needed or not. Let’s first know: who was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and why he was called the Iron Man of India?

Vallabhbhai Patel was born in Gujarat born to a humble agriculture family. He completed his matriculation and aspired to become a barrister but his father couldn’t afford to send him England to become the same.  He worked hard and managed to earn money required to go to England. Patel was courageous and focused since his childhood. Patel completed his studies and came back to India and started practising in Ahmedabad and gradually became a prominent lawyer. His meeting with Mahatma of the nation during a Satyagraha was the turning point of his life. After he met Gandhi he realized his devotion towards his motherland. Patel joined politics in the following the meet up with Gandhi Ji.

 “Sardar” was the name granted to him by the other members of Indian National Congress which means leader. Patel got arrested several times by the British government as his voice was soething British Empire had started to be afraid of. British used to hate Patel due to his firmness and courage.  Post-independence Patel was chosen the president of the Congress and later supposed to be the first Prime Minister of India but Nehru made it very clear that he would only remain in the party if he could become the president of the Congress and later the first Prime Minister of liberal India.

It was Gandhi’s decision to respect Nehru’s and made him the president of the party and eventually the prime minister; due to Nehru’s popularity and his grip on the international platform. Patel willingly accepted Gandhi’s decision due to enormous respect towards Gandhi Ji and accepted the post of Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the nation. Attaining independence was one milestone and unifying 565 princely states was the other. Patel was the real man behind uniting the nation. He made three choices to all princely states either join India or Pakistan or become an independent county. Patel must had given three choices to all the states but he always influenced each state to be the part of India.

It was the firm decision of Patel that Dr. Rajendra Prasad, a learned scholar and ambidextrous became the first President of the nation. Prasad has written clearly in his biography how we have forgotten Patel’s enormous contribution to the nation. Patel was known to be ruthless and firm with his politics and decisions. Patel’s contribution towards unifying the nation is the epitome of patriotism.

Statue of unity is of 182 meters and located 200 km from Ahmadabad made with a whooping cost of around INR 3000 crores touching a height of 182 meters. The former tallest statue of world was Spring Temple Buddha which was made with 18 million dollar and with a height of 128 meters. It is surprising how there is 10 times difference in the cost whereas the difference in the height is just 54 meters. Architectural considerations suggest that both of the statues are finished with bronze and the only difference is in the height of respective statues.

Located near tribal part of Narmada River, it is reported that lot of tribal villages were destroyed due to the construction of the statue. Being located 4 hours away from Ahmedabad and 8 hours from Bombay not everyone can go to see the statue compared considering the Eiffel tower and Statue of Liberty being located at the heart of respected towns enhances the tourism.  Considering the cost return of Statue it would take at least more than a century to recover the cost of the statue. Considering all the aspects: location, cost, aesthetics, statue of unity is not worthy in my opinion.

Why would the ruling government make such a statue then?

Statue of unity is made because a few years back Modi made a promise to respect the forgotten hero Patel and tribute him. As everyone knows the General Election is going to be held in the coming April 2019 and if somebody questions the ruling government of what it has done in the 5-year rule, they can proudly say that the government has made the tallest statue.

Associating it with the pride of nation, ruling government are trying to get the political advantage and pointing congress how they have forgotten the man with an enormous contribution in the party. It’s not the first time politician have initiated to get political benefits. If Patel would be alive today he would never have agreed on spending so much on a statue.