This is the story about Sheila, who’s on a park bench, holding a notebook, thinking about writing something on it.
But, what?
Okay…she has an idea.
She starts writing something on the lines of,

“Ramila, was pissed off of how Joel treated her every day. They would yell at each other, hit and end up in bruises, daily. She’d fight him back, but it was always her on the receiving end. She didn’t want to upset her family by telling them about all this because they loved Joel a lot, and knowing about his reality would crush them to the core.
But she didn’t know what else to do. So, just to live her fantasy of being a beautiful, popular and successful writer, she started writing about an imaginary girl, in her journal. She would write a word, erase it…start over again. She had hard time writing about this imaginary beautiful girl whom she named Mona. She finally started…

Mona has got everything in her life…A beautiful face, lovely body, four published books, that are bestsellers, sponsors, all the money in the world. But, there’s one thing that is still missing… a lover. A person that would love her for her heart, not her face and success. She’d think about her dream date…Her one true love… tweet about her special someone on social media, and whatnot.
One day, it finally happened. While getting her grocery billed, she was on her phone, scrolling through her social media. “We have a bigger bottle of cranberry juice, would you like to buy that one?”. She looked up and went “Why?” He smiled and said,
“Yes, I mean you bought eight bottles where you could have easily bought four big ones”. “Uhhhh…yeah sure…yes I’d like those…thank you”. She saw his nameplate and went, “Adam Zurita…yes Adam, would you tell me where I can get those bottles?” He called someone else for the counter and said to Mona, “I’ll get them for you, ma’am”. Mona just couldn’t take her eyes off of Adam. He had pale skin, but well-defined features. His lean physique was clearly smaller for the uniform but he somehow managed to look good. Mona’s eyes followed him until he disappeared behind the aisle. In a few minutes, Adam came back with the big cranberry juice bottles. He started to bill them and some other guy started to put all the stuff in the carry bag. Mona kept looking at Adam. Adam looked up, smiled, and while handing her the bags, he said: “We hope to see you again, thanks for shopping with us”. Mona took the bags and went, “Oh, you WILL see me again, thanks for the bottles by the way”. She went out of the store, got into her car and looked him up on Social media. “A..D..A..M…..Z..U..R..I..T..A…Woah…Right at the top”. Well, obviously she was not gonna text him coz…celebrity.

She decided to go to the store again after just two days of getting the grocery that would last a month. She saw him at the counter and decided to buy as much as she can, just to spend a little more than a minute looking at his pretty face. While scanning all the stuff he said, “Well, soon as you left, the other day, my friend told me your name… Mona Ritchi…right?”.”Uhh huh… that’s me…but how does your friend know me?” She was so happy to know that Adam clearly doesn’t have any idea of who she is. “I don’t know… I asked him and he said…everybody knows you… are you like, famous or something?”Mona decided not to give away much…so she went, “I write a bit, not much”. Adam didn’t say anything…he just smiled, put her grocery and handed it to her. “I…I mean we…we hope to see you again soon”. Mona winked at him and left the store. She knew this was something different. This feeling was strange… good strange, not bad strange.

Ramila smiled a little through her teary eyes. She was convinced of how her story was turning out to be. She closed the diary and decided to talk it out with Joel. Soon as Joel came back from work, she and he both looked at each other and went, almost at the same time, “Do you think this can stop?… Wait, what?…what do you mean?…No, you tell me, what do you mean?… But you said first…We both said it together now, please…See, this is what keeps happening every time…Okay okay, let’s talk it out.”

Ramila and Joel sat down, and looked at each other. Ramila went, “Joel, I married you because I thought we were in love. But, there’s no love here. Do you see it? Coz, I sure can’t. Look at my arms, those marks…look at your hands, they are still red because I scratched them with my nail while you were screaming at me. I think we should end this thing. I can’t live like this, and I know you are in pain too. So, what do you say?”

Joel didn’t say a word for about ten seconds, and then he took a deep breath and said, “I think you are right. Let’s end this pain and hurting. I’ll get the divorce papers first thing in the morning. I wish you a happy life, I really do”. They smiled at each other, hugged and went to the dinner table. They knew they were finally doing something that was better for both of them.

“Yes…Yessss…Oh, this story sounds perfect. Finally, I wrote something worth reading. I can’t wait to show it to Carl.”

Shiela almost jumped with excitement. Her shriek made a few people turn back and look at her.

Okay, so…that a great story…I might as well go back home and get my first draft ready. But, let me finish this thing. “Can I have more ice in my drink? Hurry.”