If there is one word that can perfectly describe Singularity, then that word is Continuity. Stretching out into the vast expanses of psychedelics and meditation, it’s a journey with floating melodies, withering frequencies, throbbing beats all together in a glorious mess of cosmic beauty.

“Follow the build, peak, and release of a psychedelic experience” is what acclaimed music producer Jon Hopkins says about the purpose of his fifth album. And it’s very rare that one finds something truly achieve its purpose.  The title track of the song taken from the title of the album “Singularity“, a recurring circle building upon itself with ambient synth and beats to grow bigger and bigger to finally collapse into uncertainty. A wonderful way to start a cosmic journey feeling the life and death of a star. From that death arises a note that takes the journey forward reflected in the most awe-inspiring track of this album “Emerald Rush“. Building from the ashes, it takes its time to slowly rise with looping rhythms and distorted electronic beats, it throbs with life at its peak. The mastery of Hopkins is portrayed through the heavy reverbs, to shine a soundtrack on to everything you see and look at. It’s sad at places, the disconsolation of something unexplainable oozes out from its every corner. “Neon Pattern Drum” is where the journey gains momentum, it’s on a constant rise with house beats driving it, calmly blazing away through the cosmos. The beginning of “Everything Connected” is hard to spot as the transition to this song is perfect, continuity at its best as the song progresses into a techno grandeur, with distortion and drum beat all the while being surrounded by an ambient backdrop. As the listener reaches “Feel First Life” it’s a rebirth. A looking back into life with all innocence, an ode to childhood when everything was much calmer and evoked wonder. Shedding all the pace and fury, this song is filled with ambiance and builds slowly capturing and framing all that is wonderful and the only word that best describes it is childhood and marks the transition of the album from death and glory to the innocence of life. “COSM” is a gentle tinkle as the journey moves forward. The world is brighter and the colors vivid as one floats through the universe observing and wondering as the song gently leads to “Echo Dissolve“. It is unusually calm, driven by the eruditeness of a piano touching the very soul. “Luminous Beings” the second last track is delightfully carefree and cheerful and the name of the song is exactly what it portrays, the happiness after enlightenment and this takes the listener to “Recovery“. The ending track of this album, and as the journey comes to an end it’s peaceful all around and content, with the release of a psychedelic experience, time to open one’s eyes and wake up to a brand-new world.

Singularity by Jon Hopkins is not an ordinary album falling into the Electronic genre, it’s a finely crafted, matured album for listeners who want to explore the wider expanses of life to feel and relish it.

Rating: 9/10


Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sk0uDbM5lc