This is not a story I suppose. But something like you can read and feel what I am trying to convey. It’s about a small town, Sivasagar and its stale matters located at Far East of Dispur, the capital of Assam.

Sivasagar, a newly grown up city of Assam, a flamboyant gist of Assam. Clicking over its origin, it was the capital city of mighty Ahom kingdom who was the rulers of this land 200 years back. It has a temple of Lord Siva which is called as ‘Shivadol’ at the heart of the city. In and around which there are many other temples built during Ahom era and India’s largest man-made pond just behind the Sivadol which is named as ‘ Barpukhuri ‘. Beside that pond, there is an old lawn tennis port established 1901, if I am not mistaken and along with this the temple of Lord Buddha, the bird tower, ‘Jadughar’ (where all the Ahom belongings are kept safely, a kind of Museum) and most importantly The G.B.M.E high school established in late seventies were there. As it is a historical city of Assam, it holds many other historical backgrounds including ‘Ronghar’, ‘Talatalghar’ and ‘Karenghar’, which were some historical monuments built during Ahom Period. The banks of river DIKHOW which are still crowded with the washer men and carpenter community of people and last but not the least, THE PYRAMIDS OF EAST , where all the great rulers of Ahom kingdom were buried with great respect. I hope you are little bored with all these stuffs but I believe there is something more to go that you may feel interesting.

There lived an Assamese boy of 16 named Avidhan studying at that G.B.M.E high school. He was not that good in his studies but for his sober nature he was loved and respected by all people and especially by Nancy, his class mate. Nancy, an Assamese girl by language, was a beautiful girl of 16 with meek modesty that anyone can observe at her. Both of them were close friends and shared everything between them. He was staying near the chowk bazaar road and she was living with her papa alone at babupatty. They used go to Saikia’s Fast-food every Sunday to eat eggroll, which was their favorite food stuff there. Saikia fast-food is cool restaurant near the market place of Sivasagar where you can see many love birds, small families and group of lads and gals hanging out there to enjoy the food and evening. Zubeen Garg, the famous singer of Assam was the first choice for the Assamese people in and around Assam. “Maya…Maya mathu Maya…..” song of Zubeen was played on in that restaurant. ”hey, please one more egg-roll….Avhi”, screamed Nancy. “No, money…sorry…, next Sunday, ok”, said Avidhan to Nancy. ”I like this song very much…maya mathu maya “, exclaimed Nancy.”0h! Illusive lady you are mine….you are only mine”, sung in English tone by Avidhan. “Ha ha ha ……wow! What a translation! Avhi”, Nancy complimented. “Thank you thanks you……”, Avidhan exclaimed fakery. “Let’s move….it’s 5pm otherwise your papa will be angry Nancy” Avidhan alerted her. “Only with one condition, you have to give to me Pani Puri treat, say yes!” queried Nancy. Pani puri center near the sivadol police point is the place where you can have spicy and tasty recipes of potato, onion, tomato and many more. “I told you that I have no money left.” said Avidhan raising his tone little high. “It’s the treat that you promised me to give when I have cooked for the first time in my home. Now you have to give me. Only 10 rupees, please, please” forced Nancy. “Ok! Ok madam…let’s move” said Avidhan. In few minutes they reached Pani Puri center. Little distance far away from that center, another song of Zubeen Garg was playing at BHOLE BABA CASETTE store. “Hey, Avhi…listen…its Zubeen Mur zan koliza ….song is playing there.” exclaimed Nancy.  Actually Mur zan koliza means my love you are my sweetheart in Assamese. While eating all those pani puri, they enjoyed the song of Zubeen amidst the public rush and crowd of the automobiles as that was the hot place for the people of Sivasagar. After Avidhan left her in her home, he went to the Piyoli Phukon stadium, a cricket ground to play cricket with his friends. After returning home, he got to know that their family was transferring to Guwahati as his father receives transfer letter after every 5 years. He was happy because Guwahati was his birth place and was very excited to tell this thing to Nancy without thinking how will she react upon this. On the other hand, her medical report came to her house and reported that she was suffering from blood cancer and it was her last stage. Next day when met each other in the school, Avidhan was so excited that she could not tell about her and she whispered him good luck for his new life there. Corresponding night Avidhan with family was about to went off. For the last time, both Avidhan and Nancy were meeting each other as they did not know when they would meet again. As he was so happy, she decided not tell about her disease. Then he went off. She returned home with tears as every moment she was dying. After 10 days he went off, she was admitted to Pragati hospital. Her father made a call to his cell phone and told him about her. At that he felt very bad and agony for her geared him up to go to her. Next day he went to the hospital and entered the room. ”ssshhh!!! She is sleeping now” said his father. He cried seeing her. “Don’t cry….don’t cry, Avidhan” her father told him. Suddenly she had some movements in her hands. She opened her eyes. “My Nancy  …how are you sweet heart” said with crying tone by Avidhan. She smiled. “With whom I will hang out, with whom I will go Saikia’s fast food, with whom I will go to school, huh! Be well soon. She smiled again. “Bye see you” she told and closed her eyes forever. He fell down unconscious.