Finally years later I find myself drowning in festive fervour…amidst glorious Vedic chants seeping through the puja pandals as people bow down for blessings before thy goddess.
And then I remembered my TM friends giving me the liberty to jot down the best of my moments. Today I will ramble on.
As I pondered, I realised if someone actually asked me this in person perhaps I will not be able to answer…instead I will blabber a train of thoughts.Like in times of serenity my mindtalks philosophy to me. I love those. It gives me purpose in life to achieve for the future or at least pave a way towards it, they are my building blocks. And of course they crumble like old castles. But it feels nice to build castles in the air. Everyone will agree, and it is one of my favourite pastimes. But I will not tell you this. What I will tell you is that I haven’t found that moment yet and I am sure even if I do I will still not realize it. Because that is reality, for after you achieve something you strive for more. Someone once told me, idolize people who are better than you, strive to be them and then work hard…so hard that your idols become your rivals. Rivals not in a way that you are about to wage war..but in a way that you have been able to achieve that point where you placed them in. That is the moment I want.

I also want to travel, gawk at jaw dropping pure miraculous marvels of nature, stand there and feel the giddy joy of being in an unknown place all by myself and yet feel like I belong there..that moment in time is supposed to be mine. Tell me, do you feel like you don’t belong somewhere, sometimes? This is your solution too. Travel. And by travel I mean, travel alone, at least once in your life time. You will find yourself. But also remember to travel with a friend once that will give you shared moments to which only you both have the keys to.

And then I’ll tell you to do what you always wanted, something buried deep within but you never did it anyway for reasons unknown. Because I will do the same. For One day when I am old and sitting in my balcony sipping coffee, I don’t want to have that burden of “what if” sadness, by then it might be too late. Also never regret, unless a criminal offence. Whatever you thought was right, was right for that moment. Mistakes help you pick your life’s shattered pieces and cello-tape them together. Those were your moments, albeit painful now, but good then. You cannot disagree.

Of course moments happen, you cannot tailor make them. So let it happen. It will feel like magic.

“So what is your best moment?”.

I will randomly bring this up. Smile at the person who actually asked me this because I’ve made him think of his moments.
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