Soulmates Details
Director: Tarun
Actors: Priyanshu Painyuli and Anshul Chauhan
Production House: Zoom TV
Screenplay: Tarun
Story: Saurabh Swami and Maxwel Chetry
Music Score: Majboor by Shim Kemsom, Pierre (French Part) and Saurabh Kalsi


Priyanshu in search of a female lead singer Tripti of a rock band called Molten Rock from Shillong happened to meet Anshul, his old school mate in a transport stand at Shillong. Anshul was on her bike ride expedition across NE India. Both of them coincidentally stayed in the same hotel where Priyanshu told her the reason for his visit to Shillong. They visited a cafe the following night in search of the singer from that rock band. But to their bad luck, she was not there. To their inquiry, both of them go to know that the band had got another commitment to follow and would not be performing or will be in the city for a few days. Meanwhile, Anshul seemed to meet one of her cousins who tried to pursue her to go back home.

Both of them hurried away from the cafe and narrated their part of stories as to why both of them had to take up their own unusual expedition. The following morning, Anshul had to get ready for her further solo bike ride. Priyanshu in his excitement to find his crush Tripti hurried in a taxi towards a music studio where Tripti is supposed to be recording but unfortunately and coincidentally met with an accident with Anshul’s bike kept in stand nearby the road. Priyanshu apologized for the incident and went on to her help her. As the bike repairing needed a considerable time, Anshul in between their conversation over tea got to know the reason why he was rushing with that taxi. And so they finally decided to meet Tripti and rushed to that music studio.

To their bad luck again, she was gone again. In the studio, they could only meet their drummer lady who gave the band’s whereabouts as Anshul managed to get the drummer’s contact number and got to know that the band members were attending a wedding party in the city outskirts. Anshul and Priyanshu after a long discussion headed over to meet the band riding all over on her bike delaying her solo bike expedition for some time.

The point came where they had to take a boat ride to Umpling but they mistakenly reached Umbling instead and fortunately, they met a gentleman called Gary who told them the boats were only available in the morning. He gave both of them a good dinner and a nice place to sleep. Before they got into sleep, Gary told them a truth regarding Tripti. The truth was, she is not at all single and has been married to a guy and has one daughter. This news broke Priyanshu who was drinking local alcohol and got high with emotions. In the morning they got up and waited for the boat to arrive which Gary managed them for. After a small fight, they apologized to each other and expressed their liking for each other.

But it seemed Priyanshu was not that sure whether she would stay back for him. They stayed in the same room in Shillong because she had left the hotel room that day for she was heading to Imphal. There came a romantic scene where they seemed to come close and intimate to each other but stopped due to a knock on the door from hotel service boy. The very next morning, she got ready and bade adieu to Priyanshu and started off her bike with a dull face where one could see both of them unsure and sad for leaving each other. The first season ended with Anshul slowing her bike after few meters away from the hotel surprisingly.

TM Review:

First of all, the thing that I must raise is the background score ‘Majboor’ which set the tone with French touch in a particular scene. It was not that smooth Direction and Screenplay wise; the reason behind is the dragging of few screen frames in between. Though I credit the producers for giving a green signal to this screenplay of Tarun with Shillong as background. I congratulate Anshul and Priyanshu for their natural acting skills. It was more a practical web series than a romantic melodrama. The second season is a must-watch if you really like the two protagonists of the show as the story would take deep into more romantic touch.