Let’s Start: Is there a parameter to judge a bigger evil or a lesser evil? The parameter of humanity works on the principle the number of lives saved or taken in case of those whom people look upto as theirs leaders. As we recall history’s biggest destructors, how can one fixate on Adolf Hitler being a bigger evil than Stalin, Churchill, and Truman?

Hitler’s anti-Jew mentality overshadowed Stalin’s anti-human mentality. Hitler’s paranoid reign eclipsed Truman’s horror show in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hitler’s ideology concealed Churchill’s draconian act on people of Bengal in Bengal famine during the British rule in India.

Numbers can’t be a framework to define an evil personality. A life killed forcefully is abuse to humanity. Here, we are talking about millions and millions of people killed to satisfy inhuman wishes of dictators. There were many eccentric rulers in the history but Stalin, Churchill and Truman were active during Hitler’s regime. Each one of them carried vicious internal repression just to satisfy their evil mind. The comparison of Hitler with them is truly justified. Hitler went on to become the biggest evil of all time by propagating unprecedented horror of the Holocaust, but others were termed revolutionary regardless of their ruthless violence and massacre.

Enlightening on Stalin’s card against humanity. Stalin rose to prominence with Lenin in the Bolshevik revolution. He came to power after Lenin’s untimely death in 1924. Stalin’s collectivization policy proved fatal for the people of the Soviet Union. Lenin’s idea of nationalizing the lands was half finished. Stalin took the initiative and ordered collectivization in 1929. All the peasants’ lands were taken away to produce in the name of the state. Stalin also took away peasants’ agricultural pieces of equipment and ordered as he felt satisfying. Peasants were left with nothing.

In 1930, peasants’ blood and sweat farming-production were collected by the Red Army. Peasants attempted to hide granary and hence met with severe punishments by the regime. The Soviet famine in 1932-33 caused by Stalin’s draconian laws killed 6-13 million people out of which 4-7 million died in Ukraine. Children were reduced to skin and bones. Stalin’s man-made demographic catastrophe made people cannibals. People started eating corpses. It became even worse when kids were kidnapped by people to eat. Stalin turned human beings to savage animals. The Gulag prison was another feather on Stalin’s cap. 25 million prisoners were imprisoned in Gulag from 1928-53. Historians believe 20 million people were killed by Stalin’s regime. Was he not an evil to put on a trial for murdering people?

Many believe Harry Truman’s cowardly order to nuke Japan was right. It brought an end to World War 2.Truman’s predecessor Franklin Roosevelt even thought to nuke Germany but his death couldn’t fulfil his evil ambitions. President Truman was advised not to invade Japan by his advisers to take the revenge of Japan’s attack on the US’s pearl harbour. Many American soldiers could be killed in invading Japan. Harry Truman ordered to nuke Japan’s city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. Bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed around 200,000 people and the aftermath of the bombings, radiations continue to haunt people of both the cities. 200,000 deaths may look less compared to the millions killed during the World War but people of both the cities were plagued by illness for decades. How was this not an act of an evil? Was nuking Japan just to win a war was right despite knowing the consequences of the attack? Was he not an evil to put on a trial for murdering people? The same question to him as well.

Winston Churchill was another prominent figure during the World War. He is always shown as a fearless man who took on Hitler. The brutal reality was that he waited for Roosevelt’s America to enter WW2. The day America announced its entry in the WW2, then Churchill announced Britain’s entry in WW2. Churchill was known to lead with an iron fist. The Bengal famine of 1943 in British ruled India killed 3 million people. It was a genocide engineered by the British evil heads. Churchill said and I quote, “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.” He diverted the medical aid and food supplies sent to famine victims to soldiers of Europe. The British government in Delhi informed him about the horrible devastation and the number of deaths caused by famine. His response and I quote “Then why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?”. This xenophobic man is revered by the people. Was he not an evil to put on a trial for murdering people? The same question continues to this evil head too.

Jews were mercilessly killed by Nazis. They have gone through the worst. The world would have not imagined in their wildest of dreams that Jews would be treating the Palestinians like Nazis treated them. Israel’s occupation in Palestine created unrest in Palestine. Israeli soldiers’ behaviour will draw reference with Nazi SS. Palestinians were held hostage in their own country. How on earth could Jews explain the massacre in Palestine yet cursing Hitler with the same breath? Clearly, Israel failed to learn the most important lesson of the Holocaust. Murdering people in gas chamber is not a benchmark but taking a life forcefully by whichever way is evil. A mere comparison of numbers that these murderers have killed can blur out one’s sense to judge how horrendous and ghastly each death must have been. There can’t be a lesser evil or a bigger evil. Hitler, Churchill, Truman and Israeli occupation in Palestine are evil. There is no way to play good cop or bad cop when human lives were murdered for no reason. Blaming everything on Hitler but treating other murderers like good Samaritans won’t help mankind. There is no lesser evil. A murderer is a murderer whether he kills people in death camps or starves people to death or nuke them.

Note: The views and opinions are from the writer himself and does not reflect Thousand Miles Inc's perspective. It is not written with the aim to hurt any people, their cast, religion, and creed. The writer of this article feels the urge to speak out his mind.