Stree Movie Details

Stee movie cast: Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, Aparshakti Khurrana, Abhishek Banerjee, Pankaj Tripathi, Vijay Raaz
Written by: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK
Stree Movie Director: Amar Kaushik.
Production House: Maddock Films and D2R Films
Music:  Sachin-Jigar

Stree Story: Every little kid, men, and women in the small town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, India are told the legend of Stree, the lady whom everyone assumes to be a ghost. She visits the town every year during the Durga Puja, not known to anyone how she looks or who she is. Her great goofy legend of taking the men from the town during the late nights of every Durga Puja makes the people of the quaint town afraid of her.

Almost each and every household wrote ‘O Stree Kal Anaa‘ which means ‘O Woman, come tomorrow’ believes to keep her away from coming near. It is during one such Pooja, Vicky(Rajkumar Rao), the tailor happens to meet an unknown girl(Shraddha Kapoor). She comes up to him to request him to tailor make a dress for her which he obliges and falls in love with her first sight. She remains a bit of mysterious whenever she meets him as she hardly tells anything about herself and her background.

Once in the middle of the film, she has been seen requesting Vicky for necromantic kinds of stuff. He doesn’t question her at all and tries his best to collect those odd pieces of stuff. As Vicky tells his friends Bittu(Aparshakti Khurana) and Janaa(Abhishek Banerjee) about how he met her and how beautiful she is, Bittu questions Vicky about her mysterious disappearance and mystical demands. Vicky could not reply to that but Janaa in return consoles Vicky.

Rudra(Pankaj Tripathi), the library keeper of the town likes giving knowledge about Stree to all the people in the town and is closer to Vicky, Janaa, and Bittu. Rudra warns three of them not to roam here and there at late nights and tells more about Stree and the legend associated with it. One night, Janaa happens to fall in the trap of Stree and following this, he goes missing and it creates panic in his family and in the town.

Bittu and Vicky go to Rudra and tries decoding the story of Stree as they are afraid and worried as their dear friend Janaa has gone missing since few days. They find a book in the library to know more about Stree and how to stop her doing this. Unfortunately, some important pages of the book seem torn off. But at least the book has been able to tell them about the old unvisited fort of the town where the ghost of Stree is believed to reside. Rudra, Vicky, and Bittu go to the fort in search of their friend Janaa.

At the night in the fort, all of them confront the ghost of Stree which makes them panic but Vicky’s mystical girl comes to their rescue, but could not catch her and introduces herself to be a Tantric to them. Vicky sighs a sense of relief knowing his girl, not the Stree that he has been thinking of her. In the process, they find Janaa in the total senseless state. They take him home.

Janaa behaves abnormally, seems to be controlled by the evil forces of Stree. He remains in a closed observation after a series of abnormal occasions. Rudra takes Vicky, his girl, and Bittu to old Shastri(Vijay Raaz) who actually wrote the book some years ago to learn the process of stopping Stree. Shastri behaves in a very cringy way as they meet him at his old wrecked home. Yet, he tells Vicky and his friends a short story adding Vicky is the one who could stop her as his late mother was a prostitute and this particular town once killed this girl who turns out to be Stree believing she was a prostitute.

They make a plan to lure Stree to come by asking Vicky to make love with her. In the process, the ghost of Stree comes, confronts Vicky and creates a panicking situation in the middle. His tantric girlfriend happens to pause Stree for a while with her own mantras. She asks Vicky to kill her as the embodiment of the Stree sits unmoving and powerless for a while. Vicky tries but could not kill her, instead, he takes the advice of his girlfriend and cuts the hair lock of the Stree which according to her would make her completely powerless. Somehow or other, they finally could stop her. Vicky explains that this town has never given her love and respect she deserves and the people of the town are to be blamed.

In the last scene, Vicky’s is seen waiting for the bus to go back. Vicky comes and meets her expecting she would stay back and accept him verbally as her soulmate. She neither promises or says anything about her, even her actual name. She says, she will definitely come and meet him next year. The film concludes in a very confusing manner as she seems to keep the hair lock of the Stree on her own hair as the bus starts and vanishes as the bus conductor finds her missing from her sitting place all of a sudden.

Stree TM thoughts: Despite few faults and understandable errors, the film does well overall with its experimentation with horror-comedy.  The last good Hindi horror-comedy I watched was ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ by Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan. I really like the comic timing of Rao, Banerjee, and Khurana which takes the lead in the film showing the humour side of the story. Shraddha Kapoor plays one of the best roles of her life with her mystical character. She has been elegant eye-catchy and her acting has been top-notch.

Pankaj Tripathi does a brilliant performance as always. His character holds the script in the entire movie. Vijay has a little role but an influencing one. Overall, this movie is worth a watch and a must watch for movie enthusiast who likes a few experiments in the new and growing Bollywood Movie Industry.

Rating: ★★★★/5