Every time someone talks about India, or specifically about something in India they become pretty stereotypical. Like any documentary about India opens up with one or two big monuments in India mostly the Taj Mahal, or the Red Fort, Dalmia’s Red Fort or something like that. Then they pan towards the religious relics, places so on and so forth. And then they pan towards the streets often shown as busy with a few random close-up shots of the cutting chai or the hustle and bustle of the traffic etc. But that only says a little about India.

Streets in India are as unpredictable as the current government’s next step. You never know what happens. It’s always a surprise. The same street can be used in a variety of ways leaving aside few rudimentary purposes like facilitating transport and stuff. It is a place where we practice patriarchy by getting inspired from the sleaze we’ve learned from our movies. Yes and the ambiance perfectly suits the purpose well as the street lights work once in a blue moon. Molesting women because men are stud and women are property in the palace of patriarchy, right? And India is a paradise of patriarchy as women are chased on the streets, molested, raped on the streets and a procession in favor of rapists also takes place on that very same street.

Apart from having a rally in favor of rapists, Indian streets accommodate a wide range of processions, marches, and rallies. Take for instance the farmers rally which happened in March this year. It was an overwhelming march as the farmers did have a legit purpose unlike those marching in favor of rapists. The farmers thought about the students who were to give their exams. They preponed their march and even walked through the night to reach Mumbai. They walked for a total of 180 kilometers at an average of 25 kilometers per day. Walking with a strong grit on the coarse streets irrespective of the climate without proper footwear. That really takes a lot of determination to do. This is what you call a protest. This should probably be the precedent of how a protest ought to be. Karni Sena, learn from them at least. Oh sorry you’re casteist and prejudiced, so you probably don’t care

Mobs on the streets can take the law into their hands. That’s probably a privilege the right wing granted the mobs who vehemently impose their beliefs on others. Killing people with the suspicion that they ate beef or have exported beef have been the prima facie of the killings of the mob. The mobs are fuelled with feudal ideologues and no wonder who is validating those inhuman creatures. Since these public predators are backed by pungent politicians who are yet to hit puberty in rationale, there is no stopping them. A mere suspicion that a person belongs to the minority and he’s seen with a cow, that’s it. He is either a beef eater or a cow smuggler for these predators. To put this in perspective, our PM gave 200 cows to Rwanda, just saying. There used to be a time when cow dung used to be on our streets. We loathed our politicians for not doing anything then. Now our streets are relatively clean. But didn’t expect that the dung would be dumped into minds instead of bins!

I often used to get news alerts about Sensex and stock market very often. But now I often get news alerts of a different kind. It is terribly disturbing to see news alerts of people getting lynched. To rub on the wounds, these people are lynched on mere suspicion. Yes, people are lynched with mere suspicion and this happens in broad daylight exclusively on the streets of India. When a local mob takes the law into their hands acting on a message with incendiary content, streets get painted with blood. When someone starts to believe every damn thing that comes on WhatsApp or any social media for that matter, the after-effects are adverse.

A fake message forwarded can cost someone his life and can shatter an entire family. The rumor which is being forwarded recently is that child lifters have landed in the city. Nobody cared to check the authenticity of this news and started jumping the gun suspecting every new person in the locality. Around 31 people have lost their lives due to this single rumor. Nilotpal, Abhijeet, Gangesh Gupta, Gautam Verma, Rukmini, Sukanta Chakraborty,  Kalu Ram, Sanjay Chandra, Zahir Khan and many more have lost their lives due to one fake message on WhatsApp. Are these real cases of mob lynching or any malicious intent which is achieved in the pretext of these lynchings?

The richest municipal corporation in our country is the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. BMC’s annual budget is 25141 crores in 2017-18 ( according to a Times of India report).  To put this in perspective, the budget of BMC is almost one-fifth of certain state’s entire budget. Perhaps their streets are made of silver, drainages of platinum and gutter bins from gold. Yet when monsoons struck the Malabar coast and reach Maharashtra, those platinum drainages didn’t come to the rescue. Probably BMC has forgotten something called roads and might have unheard the word called pothole. As of July 14, 2018, the number of deaths of people due to potholes is 5.

While a certain section of media sunk into the bathtub of the deceased yesteryear superstar Sridevi, little did they care to even report on the death due to potholes! Why do they enter only bathtubs and not potholes? Is it because the former is cozier and the reporters are too lazy to notice the pothole near his/her apartment bungalow (I assume it’s a bungalow as they are working so hard for the current regime, toh itna toh banta hai boss) 

Indian streets are filled with scenes ranging from amazing to amusing. It’s hard to ignore this dichotomy which echoes in every nook and corner of India. We have a variety of issues and we admire some, look dire at some. But that’s the beauty. We see the good, the bad and the evil all co-exist in the streets of India. A bit risky but else it’s a great place to be if you’re the majority. You can do whatever the hell you want and can roam scot-free. Also, a great place for minorities if they keep chanting about Modiji or say “Mandir wahi banega”#Sarcasm

These are what which actually happen on the streets of India which are often muted by the close-up videos of the cutting chai and Pani Puri. Next time judge a book by its contents not it’s cover (if that book is “ Exam Warriors”  which is sold on Paytm, don’t judge by either)