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Stupid Dream

Stupid Dream

I was dancing in the rain,
Holding her pretty hand,
It was like holding the breath,
You were taking for me and me for you.
This was the place all began in my life,
First smile at me in my dreams,
The place itself was very beautiful,
that I have never seen in my life before,
But it wasn’t possible without her.
Because I was there with her,
She took me over to those beautiful places,
I am not able to think myself without her,
I was thinking is it really happening to me.?
But I was ok with the situation.
I was enjoying being with her,
And the lovely time we spent in those,
Beautiful places like heavens,
I was in her lap and I just closed my eyes,
Because her touch was so peaceful,
But when I woke up it was just a stupid dream.

About The Author

Akshay Vyas

A Traveller by nature, a Filmmaker by profession, Akshay is making his dreams come true in Bollywood. His hobby includes reading novels and writing short stories. He is also a Standup comedian (that's value added service only..😂😂)

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