[box_dark]What does success denote? Does it imply only scoring good marks in examination? Can scholastic achievement alone decide one’s future?[/box_dark]

Each person may harbour different views on success. It is primarily an individual’s attitude that contributes to his or her success. An answer script alone of course, cannot decide our future. Being dishearten after scoring less marks in an examination may not necessarily be rational, nor should one be elated beyond measure after achieving good results, as it may be short-lived.

Almost every person is born with innate qualities of head and heart. The different lies in realising the fact. Very often we come across individuals who are extra-ordinarily gifted. Only the will to excel in any particular field of activity is not enough to perform well, as the effort has to be supplemented by sustained hard-work in an orderly manner.

Imitating others also cannot help us achieve excellent results, as the long hour of sweat and toil behind any remarkable achievement is what counts the most. Sustaining one’s labour through thick and thin is what one needs to practice. In depth knowledge of a subject is crucial for long-term success. The effort should be on proper understanding of a topic and the ability to retain and reproduce the same in a lucid manner at the right time. The particular ability is indicative of one’s intelligence and talent, though it cannot guarantee a successful future of the concerned person for the sure.

As a matter of fact, an individual should not be under-estimated just because the person concerned has never been able to shine in the educational arena. He may however, do exceedingly well in some other field of activity.

In any case, the ability to realise one’s potential early and taking pains to hone one’s innate skills can contribute to lasting success. Choosing an achievable goal and working honestly towards that end with perseverance in an organised way, often assures success, come what may.. However, a stead-fast character, coupled with an amiable nature and patience, are a winning combination. Further, being up-to-date with the latest happenings, too counts a lot in developing the overall personality of an individual. It is only a balanced personality which often stands out in a crowd. But this quality comes from constant practice and sincere effort, and not overnight.

To conclude, an individual may definitely be termed successful in life, if his pursuit in any given field of activity bring succour to the masses in general, or the under-privileged section in particular. It does not matter whether such a person is rich or not. The ability to leave behind a rich legacy is that what ultimately counts..!!