The life is full of omen! Yes! Believe me… I experienced the finest omen of my life during one of my train journeys. The journey was as usual with my bunch of friends making fun of each other and enjoying the environment. We were heading towards home from the incessant torture of our college turf. The departure time of the train was scheduled at 11:55 PM, almost midnight. As we booked air-conditioned cabins with sleepers, we checked our respective births and kept our stuffs accordingly. I had a friendly argument with one of my friends regarding the birth. He was convinced at last and finally I got the upper birth of that cabin. As I climbed up the birth, I got a glance of a girl sleeping on the counter upper birth. Yes, you heard me right; yes it is ‘she’. The cabin was almost dark so it was not genial to look at her face! As I tried to look at her, she turned to other side and I too fell asleep due to the day tiring.  The next morning I woke up, saw her reading my favourite Sherlock Holmes collection. As I inclined and peeped into her face, she gave me a usual expression. I exclaimed with joy and by looking at her, I told her that Sherlock Holmes is my favourite detective collection. This great novel became the ultimate link between me and her. Now I can see how a novel relates something in a journey! She replied simply with a girlish smile at her lips. I asked her if she writes or she has a hobby of writing.  She uttered she does sometimes! I queried her if I can read those. She asked me for a piece of paper and I forwarded her the same. She wrote the email Id and returned me back. In curiosity, I implored to see the book she was reading. As I hold the book and I tried to find out her name in it. She whispered her name from there with pinch of smile. I waited if she would ask my name in return. But she didn’t. We gossiped about our colleges and much about funny stuffs. In a small period of time, we became good friends. Sometimes she listened to me; at times she looked at me when I pretended not looking at her and vice versa. My friends are the epitome of teasing some-one to the utmost limit. They have seen our conversation long the entire day. Hopefully, She didn’t understand our mother tongue completely otherwise, it would have resulted some other way. Some-times they cracked jokes saying, “Hello, Rathin, don’t you think you should come down the birth and have some food or sometimes they came up with ‘Little Heart biscuits’ which was so intentionally done that she smiled in her way looking at the activities of my friends. Still I was in confusion as she yet haven’t asked my name. It was almost evening, the train was running with full pace. Suddenly she asked me to give her my cell phone charger adding my name at last. I was wonder-stricken. How could she know my name without asking me? Then after handing over my cell phone charger, I realised it was all due to my great buddies who shouted my name numerous times since yesterday.  My friends climbed up the birth of mine and befriended her as they wanted to know about girl that had glued me in my birth completely. She was friendly and sweet. Both of us were almost involved in our conversation. We chatted for many hours since morning. Finally, her destination was about to come in few hours. She was running out of balance in her cell phone and asked for my assistance. I forwarded my cell phone and asked to make a call to her home. She did and I saved her residential number. We chatted in some other cabins and promised each other to meet again and to keep in touch. She looked at my eyes and stared her forgetting my great buddies were all round the bogy. I asked her to make a call to my number which she noted in her cell phone. Finally her destination reached, the trained whistled and stopped. She got the down the bogy as I helped giving her luggage down the platform. I got down the train and followed her and saw her father waiting for her amongst the crowd. She introduced me with her father. We bade good bye to each other glancing at each other. I didn’t know why I felt a pain in my heart. I was speechless and was continuously looking at her as she left the platform. I looked down the ground but who could stop those devil friends of mine from teasing. As I went back to my birth, it has lost the emolient charm it was holding few moments back with all her presence, smiles, and gestures. I smiled thinking of her and journey. A single journey in that train had turned my thoughts and feelings to an undefined horizon and eventually i found the omen I was searching for. Thinking of her, I closed my eyes as the train gathered speed.