Before I start off with the article here, let me tell you, the reader, that this is going to be a series of articles, in which I will cover every series that has done this strange thing to me and probably everyone who has watched them.

I don’t know if you can relate to me on this, but there are a few TV series that have made me doubt my career choices. I have come across a few serials that have shown some professions so beautifully, that I want to be one of the characters on the show. I mean, how can you not? One of these series is SUITS.

Now, for those who haven’t watched the show, what are you doing? And for those who have, hey homie!!!

Basically, this show revolves around two characters, Harvey Specter and Michael Ross aka’ Mike Ross.  They both work for a huge law firm named “Pearson Hardman” in Manhattan. The name of the firm changes twice or thrice later on in the show. Every episode includes Harvey & Mike trying to solve a new case, land a huge client, or try not to get caught (You have to watch the show, to know why). Their little shenanigans, dark & dry humour and incredible intelligence, makes the show binge-worthy. For all the girls out there, Mike Ross is super cute, but Harvey will win you over with his charm.

Jessica Pearson, the Name Partner of the firm, will make you feel empowered on so many levels. Rachel Zane, will let you into the vulnerable side of a woman sometimes, only. And Donna, I don’t have words to say about her. She’s like, everything I’d like to be, behavior-wise.

Donna is Harvey Specter’s secretary, who knows him in and out. Well, she knows everything. Sometimes, she’d give you a Sherlock Holmes’s vibe and make you go ‘woahhh!!!’

Rachel Zane is a paralegal in the firm who is clearly too smart for the job.

You know sometimes, you have to hang around for 2-3 episodes to get hooked with a show? Well, over here, the Pilot episode would be enough. The first episode has every single ingredient that will make you watch the episode 2 soon as 1 ends.

I’m really trying very hard to not give away anything, but…oh god…okay.

Mike Ross is hiding a huge secret that will come out eventually and will have the worst consequences you can possibly imagine. Also, he’s so intelligent, it’s just unreal. You’re going to love him…hate him a little…love him again…a little bit more hate…love love love till the end.