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Sunday Bazaar

Sunday Bazaar

sitting by the window.. looking out into the streets..
watching children rushing to school in their uniforms..
i get nostalgic of my school days..
when i used to go to the ‘Sunday bazaar’..
The babbling of a hundred people
surround me in this place
I understand not a single word
Nor identify one face
Nuts are roasting in the streets
odd spices lure my nose
people bark bargains as I walk by
Hoping I stop as I go
Oriental carpets catch my eye
With colors and designs bright
A sparkling eye, “A sale young man? ”
“I’m sorry, not today.”
colorful fruits meat and clothes
they are brought to sell
But I’m just here to browse
Before my ship sets sail.

[box_dark] by: Anuraag Vyas[/box_dark]

About The Author

Nitya Nair

She has a hobby of writing down things on paper and sometimes in M S word whenever she feels happy or sad… and she has a dream to write a novel, but only after she is good at here is an approach to correct herself by writing here and getting comments and constructive criticism from people

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