Monsoon, just like any other season that we come across in a span of year.
But, there is something unique, something peculiar about this particular season.
We’ll discover it as this piece proceeds.
But, what is monsoon besides being a season?
When the sun gets tired of it’s day to day work,
When it finally decides to chill for a while,
When it realises that everything in this entire universe deserves to have a time just for itself, it sets the clouds free.
Just like parents, when they figure out that their children are no children anymore, they are all grown up and ready to face the world.
Similarly, the sun cuts loose it’s hold and let the clouds float with the wind, calm the living souls, shower it’s blessing in the form of droplets, everywhere they go.
You’ll see smiling faces even in the saddest of places.
A ray of new hope in a farmer’s eyes, who almost gave up.
Is it still worthy to be mentioned as “just another season”?
I don’t think so.

The breath of fresh air, the wetty ground, the petrichor, the greenery all around.
I’ve seen rains doing miracles,
I’ve seen them giving life to bare lands.
I’ve seen them help nurturing the plants.
I’ve seen them washing away all the sorrows and pain.
I’ve seen them bringing joy in every creature, big or small.
Everytime i listen to the sound of rain, my inner self starts dancing to the nature’s rhythm, just like a peacock, with it’s wings spreaded wide, dancing on a roof.
My heartbeats start syncing to the beats of the droplets, as they hit the ground.
My lips start singing the song of rain.

For me, it’s not just a season.