It’s Valentine’s day and in this season of love, Thousand Miles brings to you a review of  this romantic ,sci-fi movie-“The Adjustment Bureau”.It was built at an estimated budget of  $50,200,000.Released on March 4,2011 world-wide,it earned $21,157,730 (USA) in the opening weekend and grossed $127,869,379 Worldwide as on 26 May 2011.

Based loosely on the short story “Adjustment Team” by Philip K. Dick , The Adjustment Bureau is a story about two lovers- ambitious politician David Norris (Damon) and a  beautiful contemporary ballet dancer Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) who meet in the Men’s room,just as David was about to give a public address in the lead up to his bid for the US Senate. David falls for her at the first meeting itself which inspires him to give an enthralling speech,albeit it comes at the backdrop of an election defeat;as it turns out,he becomes a potential runner for the next elections.However to his utter dismay,David discovers that there are agents of Fate at play who’re commissioned to tore them apart.

George Nolfi,in his debut film as a Director,conjures a world of modern day New-York inter-fused with an agency called the “The Adjustment Bureau”  which remains  hidden from the eyes of public.Their agents wearing the trademark hat,from which they derive their powers of navigating through doors at the turn of a knob,have only one objective-carrying out the Chairman’s plan which is an allegory to man’s fate scripted by God.They usually go about doing their jobs by manipulating people’s actions through trifle adjustments or sometimes tweaking people’s brains,which they term as recalibration,and is usually carried out by the Intervention Team.They’re assisted in their tasks by their “Diary” which are akin to monitoring systems,that reveal a portion of the Chairman’s plan and any deviation from the plan in real-time.In extreme cases,they resort to reset of the human brain,which means they wipe out all emotions and memories from the brain.

David is strictly warned of dire consequences to be meted out to him,in the event,he reveals their identities or gets close to Elise.But as chance would have it,David finally meets her on his way to work on the morning bus, which he boarded every day to his work for three years, in the hope that he gets to see her just like he did three years ago.This chance meeting creates endless ripples and inflection points in the “Diary” and the agents are alerted to this totally unexpected situation.

Agent Richardson with his coterie of agents  try their might to separate them but to no avail.This results in the withdrawal of Richardson from the case by the higher authorities and it is revealed that the constant chance meet-ups between the two love birds isn’t just plain chance-it’s a fall-out from the remnants of the previous plan according to which they were actually meant to be together at the time of their birth in the 70’s,80’s till the plan changed in 2005.Finally  the powers-that-be call in the services of one of their foremost agent, Thompson who was notorious for his cold methods which even earned him the moniker of “The Hammer”.Proving true to his name,agent Thompson throws in a devious ploy and David now has to decide either to stay with Elise which might result in her just being a dance school teacher or else leave her alone and let her follow the  predetermined path to being a famous dancer and one of the world’s finest choreographer.In the face of overwhelming odds,David,going against his heart’s wishes,chooses to leave her so that she can be successful.

Eleven months after,David has gained immense popularity with the electorate and is rumoured to be a strong contender in the Presidential Poll.However his life is still bleak and desolate with the absence of Elise from his life-a void that even the 16% lead to his nearest rival in the exit polls couldn’t fill.Just as it seemed love would be defeated,hope comes in the form of a newspaper article announcing the wedding of Elise with her previous beau on the morrow.Assisted by agent Harry,who seems sympathetic to  his cause,David makes a last-ditch gambit to win back his love against all odds.Wearing Harry’s hat,David navigates through the city’s streets,through the maze of down town doors with the rain as cover,as water is supposed to limit the ambit of the agent’s powers.

Finally David meets Elise in the wash-room of the court-house,moments before her scheduled marriage,with the agents hot on his heels.He apologizes to her and profoundly expresses his true love for her.He finally convinces her to trust him and together they make a dash to the Adjustment Bureau with the hope that they could change their fate through a meeting with the Chairman.In fast moving climax sequences,David with Elise by his side goes through door after door at the Bureau until they meet a dead-end and are surrounded by the agents.Realizing that their separation is near,in the heat of the moments,all bounds of emotions are let loose and they embrace in a tight hug and share a passionate kiss with closed eyes.However when they break-off from the kiss and look up,the agents disappear.Instead they see agent Thompson rushing up to them and just as he was about to separate them,in a wonderful turn of events,agent Harry shows up with a large envelope which contains a new plan designed by the Chairman.Harry shows the plan to agent Thompson who then backs off.Agent Harry then explains to David and Elise that the Chairman has altered the plan inspired by their true love and a strong will to change their fates in the face of overwhelming odds.David and Elise are overjoyed at this fact and they walk out onto the streets,hand-in-hand and a smile on their faces!