Character –

Dikki: is a boy who likes to do all mischief but always escapes.

Pikki: a fat girl ….loves dikky….and always fights with dikki.

(Dikky lives with his parents in a village situated near a town called laughing town.)

1st scene-

(After the last week cricket match dikki didn’t go to join his friends as he left the play incomplete after his batting.)

Dikki: mommy today is Sunday!! Let us go to the Mountain Zoo.

Mom: umm! What? No no…

Dikki: please mom everybody in the class is talking about that zoo.

Mom: no dikki let your exam finish will send you with Pikki’s parent, you will enjoy with them.

Dikki: no, no mama no…I will not go with them. Rather I will throw stones to the street dogs. (Running out of the house….bye! mom)

Mom: (shouting) dikki …put on another clothes. Uff! (Speaking to herself) holy child.

2nd scene- (dikki collected some pebbles and climbed up a tree near a brook.)

Dikki: look at that man he must have found something.

(As he tried to climb down he saw pikki and waited there, but poor dikki the branch of the tree broke down and the scene is up)

Pikki: (laughing) you skinny! Why you were hiding there you mad. Come I will dress you.

Dikki: leave me we boys don’t take sympathy from girls. We are like hero. (Proudly) (After he said this pikki hold him and they started to fight)

Pikki: you stupid monkey, how dare you speak to me like that, you thief that day you finish my Tiffin.huh! Take this (make dikki dirty with mud)

Dikki: (somehow he manages to escape and run away from her as fast as he could.) (Shouting) come on fatty now run like an elephant. (Laughing)

3rd scene—

(As dikki was running the man he saw from the top also started to run, dikki continues to run without stopping and the other man also run as if afraid of something)

(When he reached the market -place an idea clicked his mind)

Dikki: (shouted) thief! Thief! Thief!

(Then two boys working in an inn came to the scene and caught that man, which was then found that he was really a thief running with a gold chain stolen from picky as she passed by him)

Here Dikki has experienced a marvellous experience with an unknown magic and then he was honoured and awarded by the town committee for his bravery where the secret joy was in Dikki’s mind only.

4th scene:

Now guess what happen to pikki, how she reacted to dikky.

Next day pikky went to dikky’s house and slapped him in happiness and started to cry. She hugged dikky in joy.

Pikky: I really love you!

Dikky: leave me fatty this is not the generation to love girls; this is the time to be stupid enough and get lucky like yesterday.

(Saying this dikki ran out of the house throwing her hand bag in a pond near his house and again their fight continues.)