Yes, I’m gonna start off with the third episode because there’s nothing much to talk about the first two.


Because it was the plot build-up, so, the episodes were rather boring. (I know, strange right?)

But the third episode, oh god. ‘Supa shady and hella dark’ (literally). I mean, it was darker than every DC movie I’ve ever seen. It was darker than many millennials’ future. It was darker than Ryan Reynolds’ sense of humor. It was darker than… Okay, I ran out of adjectives.

I personally am the kind of person who only increases the brightness of her phone or laptop when in the sun. So, it was a whole different experience watching this particular episode. But was it all worth it? Absolutely.

So, we knew what was going to happen in the latest episode, because of the way the second episode ended. A whole one hour eighteen minutes episode had a blend of ice and fire, with ice having more screentime than fire. Guess that’s why it was dark the whole time.

Before I get to the main part, I’d like to extend my thanks to Melisandre, aka’ The Red Woman, for lighting up the trench. Because of which, we could atleast see what’s happening.

This episode was the epitome of the Girl power. Basically, most of the heroic stunts on this episode were performed by women. Which is pretty awesome.

When you look at the way Lyanna preferred to go out and fight with the men rather than hiding in the crypts. And no, no shade on people who were in the crypts.

The way Arya killed those wights, was a sight to behold.

But, just so people don’t get their hopes up, there was the whole library sequence, where you saw the vulnerable side of Arya.

All that pales in comparison to how Lyanna killed that ice giant, or the wight giant, or the zombie giant… Whatever you want to call him, and dies in the process. Well, practically she dies

because of the height from which she falls to the ground. It was painful, but not as painful as seeing her turn into a wight herself. I mean c’mon.

Let’s talk about the next sequence, where Danaerys gets a chance to kill the Night King, you start feeling like, okay maybe… Just maybe it weakens him a little bit. But, waoh ho ho ho… He survives, he survives the fire. The way he looks at Dany after that was as if he was saying *You thought bitch*. Then we all remember how we prayed for her life.

There comes a time when you realise, ‘you know what, I think Jon will be the savior’, because everyone else is busy fighting their own battle. But, then you see him get into this narrow kennel, fighting with hundreds of wights, trying so hard to reach to Bran, to save him. But he gets stopped in the way by Viserion, aka’ the ice dragon or the dead dragon, or the zombie dragon.

Meanwhile, you see the Night King has located Bran and is on his way to kill him. Theon knows he doesn’t stand a chance against the Night King, but he decides not to run away from responsibility, and give his all to try and take on the King. Obviously, he loses, but I’d give him the bravery award for his deeds.

If you observe carefully, just as the Night King gets near Bran and Bran finally looks at him, you can see the fear in his eyes. I said this because it is rare, after what he has become, this emotionless three-eyed Raven. That look on his face was rare.

Night King is just millimeters away from him. You are on the edge of your seat and you’re like

‘this is it, this is the end, Bran’s gonna die, everyone’s going to die’. But, then, something unexpected happens. You see a gust of wind blow one white walker’s hair. The Night King is

pulling out his sword, and just as his hand reaches his sword, you see the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen on the show. Arya diving in out of nowhere. Who would’ve thought she’d pull off something so great. But when the Night King held her by her throat, You thought, oh snap! not again, don’t kill her please, kill Dany if you want to (no, don’t kill her either). But what Arya does in the next bit, is something monumental. I don’t want to say it because I don’t have the words to describe how outstanding that scene is.

I remember rewinding it five times, just to watch that scene.

How many stars for this episode? I can’t rate such a piece of art, what are you talking about? Ugh! never waited for Mondays like this, when is it again?