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The Beautiful Night

The Beautiful Night

As the moon reigns
in the heavens tonight
it’s shining on your bed in a flood of light

Shines the king of the sky
with a halo of stars.
as the sound of silence
is heard afar.

The birds dont sing they
are in their nests
Every man and beast now lays down to rest.

and then you hear the whispering breeze
as it rustles against the leaves in the trees.
Every revelation is a mystery the night beholds
And i’m filled with the song of the lost souls

It’s a song sung of darkness and light
in my heart and in the beautiful night.

About The Author

Nitya Nair

She has a hobby of writing down things on paper and sometimes in M S word whenever she feels happy or sad… and she has a dream to write a novel, but only after she is good at here is an approach to correct herself by writing here and getting comments and constructive criticism from people

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