Mr. George RR Martin never fails to surprise us with his crazy plot twists. He’s like the heavier and english version of Abbas-Mustan (hahahaha, staaap). Since, there have been plenty of surprises throughout the series, I’m going to pick the latest and probably one of the biggest, the death of…**SPOILER ALERT**… Lord Baelish or Petyr Baelish, popularly known as Littlefinger.

That 10-15 minute scene was something that I was not at all expecting to happen anytime soon. Not exactly the Starks killing him, but him dying was a big surprise. He seemed like a character who’d either live and watch things happen or maybe die in the second last or the last episode of GoT.

Me being surprised doesn’t mean I didn’t want it to happen. Man, you should’ve seen me dancing on the sofa like a mad woman. That scene gave me so much happiness that I can’t put into words. Petyr Baelish was so cunning that it needed a cunning mind to blow him out. Maybe that’s what he would’ve thought while playing all his little games. He thought no one could ever overpower him. He’ll always be the puppet master, pulling the strings he desired. That’s where he was wrong. The time you start underestimating people around you is when you actually mess up. And we can see, he messed up pretty bad. He played Sansa so many times in the past, that he thought his new trick of turning her against Arya would work for sure. This was probably the first time when he didn’t realize what all that could cost him. I’d call him an idiot for ignoring little details. Like, when Bran said “Chaos is not a pit, Chaos is a ladder”(Baelish’s popular phrase from season 1), Littlefinger should have noticed. It was the biggest hint someone could possibly get.

Okay, all that makes me look like I’m actually upset he’s dead, no I’m not. People like him should die. But that particular scene taught me a lot of things. There are people who’ll try their level best to turn you against the people you love. There are people who’ll do anything to you if that benefits them. There are people who can play dirtiest of games on you and you wouldn’t even realize until it’s too late. There are people who would claim to be betrayed by you, and go out in the world yammering about the wrongs you did.

You can easily find these people around you, all you have to do is look into your sleeves, and you’ll be just fine.

Just like Sansa, it’s okay to be foolish, as long as you don’t stay the same. You can be a slow-learner, but learn. (go Sansa).