So, this day we are all discussing religion and its associated links and hence this is important to know where it all started. According to our epic book The Gita, centuries ago Vishnu the creator, made Homo Sapiens also known as Manav in literal Hindi. But why he created Manav? Apparently to observe this world or maybe to experience it. The divine trinity Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma made the world but then they needed someone to observe it, experience it as it is. They created animals as well but there was a need for someone more imaginative to observe the world so Vishnu created us.

But due to His(Creator) high imagination apart from just observing Manav- The Man, he initiated a thought process to create a system for our purpose. The creator made four categories, the Brahman, the Shatriya, Vysya and the Shudras.

Brahman was to show the world the path of noble life, to stay close to divine god, and to stay engrossed in the creator.

Shatriya was to protect others from cruel and mean. They were to protect everyone and also they had a tremendous physical strength and knew the art of weapons. So, that’s why most of the rulers are among  Shatriya.

Vysya was there to teach the world the economics of life, to handle money, and to value abruptly the assets one attain.

The Shudras were there to serve the others, to take care of others.

But apparently, we have ruined the system somewhere, the Brahman caste thought they are the noblest so they dominated others and made certain discrimination.

The Shatriya considered themselves strongest and disrespected others in one or the other ways.

The Vysya thought they’re the smartest and did wicked to the others.

The Shudras thought they are only ones to serve so they are the lowest of all and tolerated everything.

The question here arises is the Creator apparently made certain categories but it was us who twisted and crushed in our way, made rules our way and sadly proportionate the quality of work to the amount of respect, for example, treated the Shudras in the worse way possible. I would like to raise a voice here,” God made categories indeed but where he confessed that respect relay upon the quality of work?”  “why the one who down the caste system is the lowest of all and why the only one who is near to god is the noblest?”

Isn’t serving a form of worship in its own way?

Protecting others isn’t a form of worship in its own way?

Why? Ask yourself.

A fellow of Shudras community is expected to sit on the floor and not enter the lavish, monuments. Incredible. Isn’t it?

Here is a small fact  I would like to share,

One thing I absolutely love about Rama, being a descent of  Vishnu the great. Rama never had even a bit of pride. He treated the entire Vanara Sena as his friend each one of them and never as the leader. That is the reason maybe he is Rama the great. And look at us, we are literal devils comparatively and look at our gigantic pride. So the question of the hour is: Will this caste system be realized in a real sense or will it continue to hammer like it has done since the days of yore? Do you actually think, religion is being protected by Caste System? Your view matters!