Anxious, terrified but hopeful the girl kept her first step in the very first cosmopolitan she ever met. She dreamt of a life that seems absolutely impossible in the land from where she belongs but she knew that what she wants from life is nothing wrong. So, the new phase started the initial few days passed smoothly as she was trying to fit in but lately the battles started. No, here the battle ain’t of swords the battle she was suffering with was of battles of her own mind. She had always lived surround by rejoicing and affection of her people but here she was alone in the strange land like Alice was lost in wonderland the cosmopolitan was nothing less. The battles she was fighting was between her and her only because the life she had in the cosmopolitan was exactly what she dreamed of but she ain’t
happy why she wondered. Days of sorrow was passing she was still clueless about her dilemma. Nothing pleased her neither the liberty nor the aesthetics. She felt choked like there is something that needs to be emitted out of her very soul but one will cure something until and unless the persons know what is happening. The passion that brought her to the cosmopolitan seems to fade as well. She wasn’t able to do that. Life was miserable.

But like all the tunnels have light at the end, she found the end of her dilemma too. Her thoughts were her only enemy. There are certain good intuition and certain bad intuitions inside us all. She realized that she is feeding her bad intuitions more because of her insecurity in the new land. She considered herself weak so she was terrified all the time everywhere and that was this. She was shattered but there she got up and gathered every piece of her and sailed with extravagant esteem. The new life seemed bearable now because she was letting it now. The fellows around and passion were beautiful she didn’t realize lately. Instead of criticizing she started to embrace the variations. The cosmopolitan life was better now not just good. The just people around became companions. The laugh was revived.

So, in life there comes situations where we had to or we want to accept the change lot many times. But what we do is that we just don’t want to get used to the change.

Life will never remain the same even we get older every moment passing and so is life. What important is we all should fluctuating towards life that no matter what comes ahead instead of terrifying from the change I will accept it, fight and get over it?

That she learnt in the cosmopolitan. She started embracing the change the kind of work she does or the people she met or anything that comes ahead.

Change is only constant in life and lets us all accept the fact. Have a good life you all. And let us be strong enough to accept the variation of life.