So last time, we talked about the Red Woman.

Well, this time, we’ll discuss an event that took place in the series, and changed nearly everything.

The Battle of Bastards.

Since it was the battle between two bastards, and so the name.

The bastard son of Lord Roose Bolton, Ramsey Bolton was ruling the north and so the Winterfell was under him. And to get the Winterfell back, Sansa and Jon had to defeat Ramsey’s army, which had a hell lot of knights (6000 approximately). All they had, was a bunch of Stannis’s knights and the rest were the wildlings, which made a total of 2500 approximately. So, they cried for help, which is pretty obvious. If you ask me, I have no idea how Ramsey had so many men to fight for him.

Moving forward, so Sansa and Jon got a bit of help from all the tiny houses that the north had.

Before this battle, there was a man who wanted to win the north for these two, and that man was Stannis Baratheon. But apparently, he couldn’t.

So when Jon realized that he has enough men to fight against Ramsey’s army, the battle began.

We saw a not so important character die at first, which was Rickon Stark. well, the only thing he was needed for, was to keep the house Stark up and running. I don’t know why Ramsey killed him, maybe that’s how they start the battles in that world. Because as much as I remember, we do the shankhnaad before any battle. so maybe that was their kind of Shankhnaad (lol, I’m hilarious).

Whoever is reading this, I presume, knows how terribly Jon’s army was losing. I mean, Ramsey’s face was like “No chance bruh, you’re going down”. but then, just when we thought Jon’s going to die again, we heard a shankhnaad. Well, it was the arrival of the “knights of the Vales” holding the flags with House Arryn’s sigil on it.

Now, let me tell you some facts about the Knights of the Vales.

They are considered to be the strongest knights in the seven kingdoms, why?….because they are trained to fight in the winters. And by winters, I mean, the “winter is coming” kind of winters…The Game of Thrones’ winters. All that training makes them unbeatable.

So, there they were, roaring like lions (no pun intended), killing every single man of the Bolton army. And Sansa, smirking in the corner (Margaery must’ve taught her that, I’m gonna find out). Obviously, Jon didn’t know about the Knights’ arrival, so he was all surprised. And Ramsey was, well, in shock.

Yes, we can say that Knights of the Vales, won him the battle. Hadn’t been them, Jon would’ve lost, and Winterfell would’ve been gone forever.

So, you see, the real hero here were the knights of the Vales. They should have named it “the game of knights” rather than “the battle of bastards”.