Christopher Nolan has truly created a masterpiece with his final sequel in the Batman Trilogy-The Dark Knight Rises. The most awaited movie of 2012 provided a mesmerizing cinematic experience that transcended even its predecessors by the sheer drama,action,stunts and the visually stunning war-toys.The most admirable fact about Nolan is his inimitable dexterity to add newer dimensions to his characters which has outgrown the base DC Comics characters imagined by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and has helped in creating its own niche in the world of comic-inspired super-hero Hollywood movies.This is what sets it apart from the rest in the flock.The record-shattering pre-book sales just goes on to show the long-wait and desperation of fans worldwide for The Dark Knight Rises-a movie which has been in the making for 4 years!

The plot starts 8 years after the death of Harvey Dent, from the second movie: The Dark Knight(2008),the heroic D.A of Gotham City-turned-villain,also known as the Two-Face.Batman assumes responsibility for the death of Harvey Dent and turns into the Dark Knight while the city venerates Harvey every year on his death anniversary.He is assisted in this lie by the Police Commissioner Gordon for the greater good of the city which needed a hero.For a period of time the lie worked, as criminal activity in Gotham City was crushed under the weight of the anti-crime Dent Act. However, the sewers in the city were brewing with unrest-impoverished,under-privileged sections of the society were disappointed with the complacent,capitalist system that catered only to the rich.They had now entirely devoted their allegiance to a new-found leader in Bane, a masked terrorist whose ruthless plans for Gotham drives Bruce out of his self-imposed exile. Anne Hathaway,who makes her entry as the CatWoman, is an adept pickpocket who plays a pivotal role in Bane’s scheme of things.She proves to be instrumental in luring Batman to Bane’s hideout where he is brutally beaten by his powerful adversary.

Long ago, Bane escaped from a deep Asian jail where tough men were left to wither and die. The League of Shadows from Batman Begins makes an outing with Bane as its muscle power. And he has a master plan to enslave Gotham city, employing the ability to cloud men’s minds by lightly touching their heads and, even more effective, a four-megaton nuclear device. “I’m Gotham’s reckoning,” Bane proclaims. “I’m the borrowed time you’ve all been living on.” And to ensure that the debilitated Batman won’t get in the way, he leaves Bruce in the hell hole Bane grew up in.Bane manages to besiege the entire city by taking control of a Wayne Enterprises-owned-nuclear fusion reactor that was initially meant for power generation and turning it into a nuclear bomb by separating the core from the reactor.He,then,publicly exposes the lie about Dent’s death through Gordon’s speech  and releases the prisoners locked up under the Dent Act.The prisoners,then,form Bane’s army of mercenaries. The rich and powerful are forcibly brought before a show trial presided over by Jonathan Crane who are then given two options-either to embrace death or an exile that ultimately results in death.

The plot takes a dramatic turn when Bruce manages to escape from the prison and returns to Gotham with vengeance reigning supreme in his mind. In a surprising twist to the whole plot,it is revealed that the brains behind the evil designs is none other than Ra’s al Ghul‘s daughter,Talia and Bane is just her accomplice in fulfilling her father’s dream.Batman is ably assisted in the arduous task of saving the city from the nuclear explosion by Gordon and a young detective Blake.After Batman makes his return, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman,falls for him and turns over to the good side and even saves Batman from mortal danger by killing  Bane.

Nolan creates some fascinating fast-paced action sequences in this final instalment,however, the most exciting moment has to be the one where Selina Kyle rides the Bat-mobile in pursuit of the nuclear bomb-laden truck while Batman gives her aerial support in his flying armour vehicle called as the ‘Bat’.The movie is full of  good dialogues and humorous one-liners complimenting the whole purview.

In the closing moments,the people of Gotham city lives to see another day as Batman uses his Bat to transport the bomb from the confines of the city and carries it over to the sea just minutes before the explosion and finally,Batman receives his rightful place in the hearts and minds of the people of Gotham for which he had sacrificed almost,everything!


Pros: Awesome Cinematography,Exciting Plot,Superb Acting
Rating: 5/5