The greatest achievement of mankind can’t be one or two. It’s assorted because millions of people have engendered all their lives for the prosperity of entire mankind in various orientations because the world is gigantically diverse. So praising one or two would be too judgmental. Mankind has achieved a lot in these centuries.

The one of the greatest achievement is “the speed” we have attained in all the years. Yes, lives are faster now; everything is quick. It’s a simple but significant thing that the mankind has achieved over the years. We used to travel for days to get somewhere but now it is quite a few hours. Magnificent isn’t it?

Everything comes quickly now, whether it’s food to eat or clothes to wear or as the mentioned time to travel.

The speed is the magic you see. It’s one of the most extravagant things that mankind has ever achieved, from the basics like traveling to work you books a cab and within minutes it’s at your doorstep to the very critical things like medications; initially it took days to get rid of cold but now you take an antibiotic and good sleep and duh! You’re all well. I wonder within years all this could be possible even quicker like in moments. Behind this speed lot, a lot of talented humans has literally dedicated their lives for our prosperity. Many of us haven’t even born when they were burning the midnight oil. What else could be appreciable than this?

The other among the greatest achievements of mankind is ‘the knowledge’ that has been granted through centuries from our forefathers till here, to us. The present of wisdom that we got from forefathers and that we will give to our successors.  Knowledge, wisdom and there are lots of many other synonyms. So, a question might be raised in your minds that what is exactly is this knowledge. How do you know jumping off the cliff is hazardous for your life? Because someone had surely jumped off the cliff and died brutally imagine the first human to do so, a Stone Age man covered with hairs sneaked into the cliff accidentally fell and died.

The rest that saw him falling learnt a lesson on that very day and passed this information or the wisdom to his fellow beings. How do you know that a hot utensil can burn your hand because your mother told you so but who told your mother about it, maybe her parents so someone surely burnt his skin via fire and the wisdom was passed on! The most basic demonstrations that we all know ‘the fire’, someone accidentally while scrubbing two stones saw a flash of yellow light; it enhanced while scrubbing even more and the fire was invented. The man granted the wisdom and look around mankind has done wonders with it, the food, the cars everything. It’s the wisdom that has traveled million years and has reached to us. The fire was just among the other knowledge that has passed on so far. What a beautiful thing, enormous ideas has been preciously preserved in all the millions of years and carefully has passed to the present day.

Mankind has achieved a lot in these million years. Not just one or two, a lot. These were the few things that fascinate the most.

The Speed that has made millions of life easier in the aspect of accessibilities, emergencies, and needs.

The wisdom that is old as time and preciously granted to us.