A Beautiful Gift to the Nation is the Festival of Giving”DAAN UTSAV”. Previously known as the “Joy of giving week” it gears up every fall and ends a week-long celebration of gifting smiles and spreading Love to those in need. In this noble cause, India Celebrates kindness, love, empathy, and unity.

Daan Utsav is a great leveler which for once does not know the conventional differences of the socio-economic beliefs of our society. We in sync with this generous cause try to figure out the needy people of our Society and donate various stuffs of their day to day activities for a beautiful tomorrow. Coincidentally 2nd October which marks the Birth Anniversary of Bapu is the day when Daan Utsav was started.

Millions of people from various strata of the society flock together to give their time and help in the form of money, resources or even knowledge that will aid the future to grow. This is done through a series of events planned meticulously for the entire week. From small acts of gifting sweets to the angelic souls or organising a large scale event where we donate items, play games and also conduct awareness programmes.

The mere idea of Daan Utsav appeared in between November 2008 to February 2009. Various Non -Government Organisations(NGO)s across the nation decided a ‘INDIA GIVING WEEK’ and there were several names attached to this festival. Eventually because of the growing popularity of the event, there appeared the need to rename the Festival for the better understanding of the masses. Hence the name Daan Utsav was conceived. The uniqueness of Daan Utsav  lies on the fact that it is not owned by any particular organisation it is just like any other festival in India.

The year 2018 marks the 10th Year of this noble Festival and we are all the more delighted to celebrate it in our own way. A few like-minded people for the first time in Assam have joined hands and feel an intrinsic happiness among themselves. This is possible because of Daan Utsav. Lots of innovative events are being organized by some kind-hearted souls also known as Volunteers of Daan Utsav. Daan Utsav is being celebrated in apex educational institutes, Apartments, NGOs and corporate offices to spread ultimate happiness and bliss-“The Joy of Giving”. The focus is more given into the personification of your feelings. No act of kindness is ever considered to be wasted and this festival brings out the human we are.

The feeling comes from within and the festival enlightens us. There is also an expression of this happiness ,The Happy Dot. It’s the quintessential expression of Daan Utsav. A  smile and a week that changes human lives. Celebrities across India ,who are indeed giving  Daan Utsav the required publicity the festival deserves. This festival stands as an epitome of unity. A person feels  purified and  the intrinsic happiness that is permanently etched in our hearts makes us overwhelmed. So when are you posting your picture with the Happy Dot ?? Happy Daan Utsav !!!