This time, I, for my Column at Thousand Miles, have given the privilege to write about the great nation that apparently doesn’t settle. Yes, it’s India, the land of poverty corruption discrimination and the list is too long to mention here in my tiny column. So, we all know that this nation has a lot of obstacles.  But I always wondered what is that one thing that keeps us bound to this complicated nation?

There has to be something right that bounds us to this land, something that we all have fallen in love in with because almost everyone wants to be just here. Even the international people that come here to see India says ‘It’s love at first sight’. Why do men with all kinds of modern facilities find India to be a better nation?

This question kept me bugging a lot then one day I found my answer. India is a land where things don’t settle. India is a country where people with all grace have embraced their cultural and historical beliefs till yet. We still embrace what we have learnt from our forefathers. Yes, we are the fewest nations of the globe that has beautifully embraced their history and culture so far and that is one of the most beautiful things about our nation. Be it the colors or nature or festivals or gorgeous rituals. It enhances the beauty of our nation. Whether it’s the enormous genre of music that we sing or play or the stuff we wear everything is beautiful about the nation that balances the obstacle here. Believe it or not, you do love the place you are born in. The incredible people those were born or ruled here be it Akbar the great or  Aryabhatt or Bhagat Singh or any such great personality Our true beauty lies here.

We keep our beliefs and religions first and then put ourselves as an individual, isn’t it amazing at the same time and weird that meanest of the mean species is being selfless at some point. Well, I find it so. We, Indians always have another plan if the last one fails. We just know how to run a household with the least money where at the same time spending lakhs on the big fat weddings.

The other thing that fascinates me is that how much we adore the people of our families. Yes, we live in a land where families live together, ever wondered why because in the time of troubles to help one another our forefathers knew that unity has its own enormous strength so it’s suggested to live together, I know it has demerits too but there are pros than cons. We live in a land where people keep their life on the palm for others and that so is rare. That is the other major strength of this nation. Unity has its own charm and that adds beauty to our nation.

The nation that doesn’t have enough employment produces lakhs of engineers annually and where hygiene is a luxury is still emerging developing conquering. Isn’t that amazing? Well I am glad that no matter we have obstacles but everyone is trying to be better every day.  The population factor is making us more hard working. I am grateful that I got this opportunity to pour my heart into what I perceive our Amazing India!