The political orchestra of India is popularly opulent when it comes to making the news. It’s been the opera of many unheard occurrences. So let’s tune in to some of the recent happenings which have been ringing the bells all over. The lyrics have been penned by our poised politicians who are nailing the aspects of governance. The orchestra is no less than a high voltage rock concert. But as we speak of voltage, power cuts are rampant in that concert. And dare not talk about it however bad the concert is. If you talk, that would make you Anti-national. A word of advice for hecklers, please don’t throw eggs on the stage as they are quite expensive off late.

Violins of violence have been vivid. Credits to the cringe pop creativity by Karni Sena. Their song seems to set ablaze the royal blazer of Rajputs. A clear case of fictional assumptions versus facts. And seems like the former is making the country dance to its tunes. The Ghoomar was glued to the gloom by the fringe. And since the fringe has swords and sentiments, the government is too skeptical to look into their stage. Wonder who’s at their backstage.

Jittery jingles have been dangling all over the curious case of Hadiya. Our newly formed oxymoron Love-Jihad has been the crux of this case. Ghazals of communalism have been echoing in the eardrums of democracy. The verdict is out and quite a few predicted it way before. So what’s so special in it? It’s the setup. Why does everything bogs down to religion at the end of the day? And if the change of religion is by choice yet we don’t seem to have reached there. Still fighting mindsets.

Someone had a serious fault in their stars. The strings of sitar have been sober with a melancholic melody. This tragic melody would be apt whenever we come across news like the news about Judge Brijgopal Loya. Though most of the mainstream media refrained from reporting that news, one can still hear it feebly. The fizz of journalism and media ethics seemed to be biting the dust with their piano of prejudices. The case which Judge Loya was assigned with is the double murder case of gangster Sohrabuddin and his wife Kauser Bi. Among the accused in that case, the ruling party’s main man Amit Shah was also involved.

Parrots of patriotism have been prevalent pretty much in the political front. While studying history we come across the famous slogan “Simon, go back!”. This slogan was raised by Indian freedom fighters against the British colonial rule. Then it was a fight for the nation. Now the plot remains more or less the same. Only the backdrop and the contexts have changed. The slogan being heard today is “Adani go back!” which is being vehemently heard in Australia. The Indian business tycoon’s Carmichael coal mine caused tremors of turmoil in Australia. Angry Australians have been agitating against Adani. Now the fight is by a nation on preserving nature. Allocating the coal mine is a blunder and is prone to plunder the natural resources in that region. Parrots of patriotism seem to be silent on this matter. Probably relaxing in a cage manufactured in the factories of Adani! Else it would be a raging debate in mainstream media.

EDM is the new genre of music which is being given the limelight. Fair enough. Hoardings seem to hover all over the place. Seeing those even political superstars gave it a shot. Obviously, political hoardings don’t give a damn about the policy or rules relating to hoardings. Soon politicians and their hoardings became a better love story than Twilight. The party workers toil hard for earning those brownie points given by their respective political enterprises! The length of the hoardings and boards are not just a tool for publicity but also a sign of pride and power. Who cares about nature when it’s about a politicians pride. And obviously who cares if it costs someone’s life as well. In Tamil Nadu, these boards went overboard and resulted in the death of Rohit. But since those hoardings belong to the ruling party in the state, authorities tried to portray this as an accident. Well at least for the soul of Rohit to rest in peace, please show your humane side. If you can’t show at least act, which you are probably good at.

The sound from the clarinet of the Congress party never seems to have any clarity. The cosmos of Congress has never been congruent on any front. Conversing the modern way but being conservative when it comes to electing leaders for the post of party president. Modesty seems to get the better of leaders when they see the Gandhi dynasty. For whom dynasty is tasty, criticism on dynasty sounds nasty obviously. All this seems to be a simple game of musical chairs. However, in this case, there is only a single chair and only Rahul Gandhi’s name is running around that chair. So no surprises there as to who will win!

Seems like the cassettes of caste have been played at a higher volume in Andhra Pradesh’s Nandi Awards. Awards which are supposed to be given to films and performances in films were given to relatives who happen to be of the same clan. The surround sound of the state government was clear and crisp. The words were prudent enough to play to the gallery. And since that gallery was replete with people from the Kamma caste, no wonder who completely swept all the awards. One such award winner who was candid about this was Mr. Posani Murali Krishna who rejected the award saying it was blatantly biased. He refused to accept the Nandi award as he doesn’t want to receive the honors as someone who belonged to Kamma caste. The ruling party TDP was vocal about it and termed those who were against the awards were non-residents of the state. But did it deny the discrepancies in awarding the winners? No. Well, these are some of the stories which had storeys of surprise with amusing heights. Few featured and others were sidelined in the media. Nevertheless, all of them making the country sway to its beat which is a blatant bass.
Waiting for the day when these crass carpets will be blown away by the trumpets of tranquility!