‘I may smoke..I may drink
I may grow..I may shrink
If you protest…I wil make faces
The underline is that I love vices’
These lines are not some kind of revolutionary masterpiece…yet they managed to get Gaurav 200+ likes after he reposted it in his timeline. The last time he had posted those lines was around a year ago..hardly 2 or 3 likes had welcomed it before it got lost under more likeworthy newsfeeds.
Since…the last few months…Gaurav has become a superhit user of Facebook. His every update…most of which are reposts…gathers a humongous number of likes and comments. Last month…Gaurav had his birthday. More than 500 known…semi known and even unknown friends wished him the special day. It was impossible for him to like and reply on every wish…so he chose facebook inaction. Nobody complained though.
That day…he changed his profile picture with the old one he adorned when he joined facebook. He got comments like ‘great’, ‘cool’ etc. The same picture had got several sarcastic remarks from his friends previosly. Does Gaurav really like this new mysterious goodness and sweetness among his friends towards him? Probably not. But he can’t help either.
Suddenly…the phone rang. Sukanya reluctantly lifted her fingers from the keyboard and received the call. It was Pallavi…her best friend. “Sukanya…I have requested you several times to stop this nonsense. Dont you understand that Gaurav is dead? What do you get by running his fb account? It’s high time that you moved on.” Sukanya feebly replies, “Its fb where we met first. And its fb which bears all his personalization. It’s not just an account. Its his only remnant. The real world separated us. So…I chose this virtual world to spend some time with him….for him…in him”