Gaze at the dark gloomy clouds above high..

how they have conquered the entire sky !!

Roaring, rambling, thundering and prowling,

ready like a lion to attack the hyenas howling…

Every second they are enlarging their realm,

that not a single ray of the Sun can be traced…

They potray the vicious circles of affluence,

who have perhaps, crossed the boundaries of poorer’s tolerance…

These hunters have humiliated the birds,

but not a single cry is ever heard..!

O man Rise,Realize and Resent,

The Sun is still there…………

The Sun is still there behind the clouds..

Aspire, Struggle and Feel its warmth,

Destroy the web of failure,hardships and affliction,

and taste the flavour of Freedom,Victory and Affection…

Yes, U need, u need a ressurection,

Because behind the clouds……..

Because behind the clouds, a blazing, gleaming and glistening sunrise

is waiting 4 u,

A world of Love, Laugh, and Liberty is awaiting uuu….

Even the residues of clouds have gone away,

As if beams of sunrays have swept them away….

Go, Fly and Fly, how far u can fly..

Let a bird sing,let a hyena howl,

Let a poor smile and let flower blossom..

which would make the world worthy and awesome……………….!!