I don’t know if I am writing this in angst, shame or disgust. Child labour is something which has bugged me from my childhood itself. I have had some horrible experiences within my surrounding. I have seen a child serve tea to the guests of a family. I could not utter a word but bear the pain in silence. Just the other day I and my mother in law visited a nearby place where we met this lady. After my marriage I moved to a new place and so everyone nowadays had a concern for me as to how do I manage everything alone. Yes, it was very new for me as I was living in the same city where I was born.So my aunty enquired if I am comfortable enough. Before I could reply anything, she instantly turned towards my Maa and said: “maybe a little girl could do the household chores and cheer her up “. I was shocked to hear this. Is a little girl supposed to do that? My mind was a whirlwind of my past experiences where I saw people keeping children in their home to provide basic comforts to their families. How disgusting and shameful is that? How can a wife let a 6-year-old boy serve tea to her better half? Is this the face of modern women who are posting the status of the cruel society in social networking sites?!!!

My pen is flowing with the ink of tears and my tolerance is zero now. This piece of mine is to each and every shameless person I have known in my life who uses and abuses a child. And some are there (like my own aunt) who pretends to be the so-called benefactor of the child. He or she will promise the innocent soul with education and later marriage. The former thing, that is, education will never be bestowed upon them as it’s more valuable than anything. But the latter will be done in no time as then the spouses also might come handy. It is our social as well as moral responsibility to take a pledge and raise a voice against child labor. A written request should be handed over to the Government Organizations to come forward and first save the children of our society as they are the future.

The human mind must abhor and condemn anyone around you with a child as their domestic help. All of us are aware who they are but unfortunately, these people are either our friends or relatives and they are the most literate person we know. Sigh! We should unmask the so-called socialites and give the children a better future. The statistics will tell you a different story that child labor has considerably reduced. But poverty still exists in this world, so unless something is done about it there is no end to child  labour. We can be the change by spreading the right awareness to both sides, the one who is being employed and the one who hires such helpless children. But it is not as easy as my words are flowing. I come across many people around me, might be a very close friend, a neighbour, an acquaintance or a relative. These people play an important role in your life. You are in a constant fear of being judged for every wrong move against them, the fear of your near ones getting hurt. Fear is a word for which many theories and experiments remain half-done, many noble causes go in vain. The people will have to overcome this fear and come out and have a discussion. The 90s finally saw the light of some brave measures through the IPEC(International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour), a program run by the International Labour Organisation(ILO).IPEC’s prime focus is the gradual elimination of child labour by bringing together more forums nationally to address the child labour problems and thus help in creating a worldwide movement to combat it. Nobel peace prize winner Kailash Satyarthi is the pioneer to gather the masses in a common platform through various activities, campaigns and to create four foundations to cease child labour from its root. The strong messages coming from people like Kailash Satyarthi Sir should be widespread enough so that this horrible act does not pass onto generations.

Our kids should not raise their children by ruining the life of another child. The surrounding may undergo a furore in their mind after you turn so vocal, but there is no other way to stop it. In 2002 the ILO launched the World Child Labour Day on 12th June to bring the issue into the spotlight and to take action and effective measure s to eliminate this. Each year on 12th June, the Day unites the governments, employers, and workers of various organisations, as well as many people around the world to highlight the plight of child labourers and what can be done to save them. If you save the child today, you are saving the humanity for tomorrow. It is sometimes said that such a grim issue as child labour needs to be promoted and advertised. Some feelings are very intrinsic which needs no voice to get aroused. The day your mind prepares to stop it, you will stop it.