That smile is not letting us sleep tonite,
It illuminated the classroom and gave strength to the hopeless,
That smile is haunting us today
As it brightened the first period and cheered up the last one.
The most vibrant one has left today
Leaving the batch in a sorrowful state.
But it’s your smile again brother
which is turning us insane.
The jolly chap, may you brighten up the Heaven now
The crazy moments, the tiffins shared, our
insipid stories, the homework, the class works,
Punishments and admonishments in galore,
Not to be forgotten in this lifetime.
Because the unforgettable smile has sustained
Peace for the soul is our sole prayer now.
Spread your smile brother and give light to all


Prelude: The Poet dedicates the poem to one of her classmates whom she lost in a Bangalore Bike Accident.