The social media sites  are forming an integral part of one’s life. They are acting as an empathetic factor for the youth. Any post by a depressed person can quickly grab eyeballs. That particular post  garners a lot of sympathetic likes, loves and cry emojis. They find shelter of comfort in Facebook and Instagram and other similar applications. In a way, they are happy that someone is always present with him or her in their good and bad times. Someone is always there to lend an ear to their day to day problems, their share of happiness or sadness. They can discuss anything under that roof of comfort.

Right from their personal problems to the professional ones. All that matters is everyone is listening. And the Like and Share game has surpassed all competitiveness. Thriving for the number of likes has turned like spinning money. It also turns out that social networking sites are a great leveler. Anyone can become famous in a post which goes viral in no time. It is like a sweet poison. When I started using Facebook, in 2011 it was meant for socializing, an opportunity to get connected with your long lost friends, sharing some of the important events of your life with your friends virtually. But the rampant use of Facebook has no control and it has taken such a toll on us that it even finishes our life now.

Using these sites is not the real issue, the prime issue is how to use it. The human mind is a myriad of thoughts categorized by the good and evil thoughts. It is we who control our actions and not the virtual platforms that do that for us. We are our sole controllers. Nobody else can control our mind. We have to judge whether in those disgusting memes should we tag someone purposely to hurt their sentiments. There we project how cruel or the kind we are as humans. Here comes the whole of your humanity and how much morales are actually inculcated within us. The social media sites do not decide the harsh comments we put on someone, it is us who decides to harm someone. We can be pressurized but our opinion and decision-making skills rest on us.

It is a human to human thing. It is a mind to mental processing. With this virtual comfort bestowed upon us by the applications and software available, life is moving very fast. It seems a day will come when we will turn 60 years old and we will not be aware where we spent all this time of our life. Yes in our laptop or mobile screens. That day is not far when it will start and end right there. The most precious feelings are now virtual. Everything is happening in just a spur of a  moment. We are in a very dangerous rat race and more so  who take it very seriously. It’s an online world altogether. It’s mandatory for some to update their daily status.

They have a feeling of isolation otherwise. It affects our sleep, our mental health and also invites some disease. And the saddest part is we care less about it. We just don’t give a damn.We are happy as hell to find so many admirers. And here I  am not pointing out any fingers to anyone. I am the biggest victim of this social media addiction.I am oblivious to the effects of it while I am in a continuous process of using it. The funniest part is I see people boasting about how many numbers of likes he or she has received in a day. We have turned more childish but we won’t admit it ever. We are this stubborn now. There is no remedy to it as it is about realization. This is about self-indulgence in other activities. It has to come from our heart. It’s not a practice that we have to do regularly. It should come out from its roots. As they say its all in the mind.

We have to clear that first and foremost.No amount of brainstorming can help. No kind of counseling can make you sane. It is a very beautiful platform for interaction among friends together, to share something informative. Also to promote useful and productive topics. This has to be realized by one and all. Then a change in the direction might occur. The thought process has to change in a holistic approach. All the people using these sites starting from kids to our generation to even the older one. We have to be rational enough to skip any such post which breaks our conscience. We have to be rational enough to skip any such defaming post.

I am sure we are blessed with intelligence in abundance to differentiate between what is negative and positive. Yes, we have the brains. As the quote of Albert Einstein -‘Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere’. Although this quote was on a positive note for every new innovation. But in today’s time, if we fail to reason, we will land up in a very bad situation. Thus we must cease to go everywhere and stick to opinion and reasoning. The virtual comfort will actually turn out to be a feel-good factor. A boon, not a curse.