Where on earth can you find a place as amazing as India? India is flooded with instances of awe all around. Aroused with the redundant minds and certain obnoxious statements complimented with wry actions make it one hell of a country. Before you assume anything just remember that this is an article making a minuscule effort to ridicule the establishment. Any relevance to the current government, our prime minister Mr. Modiji, the BJP , the RSS and any such powerful political outfits is purely coincidental. Please don’t slap a defamation suit on me, I don’t have any money. All the money and savings went into filing returns and paying for fuel.

India is a land of possibilities. True. Anything and everything can happen in India. More often than not things which are out of the box happen in the most unconventional of ways. That’s what makes India amazing. We talk about science and take blessings from a baba. We boast about secularism but never talk of its inorganic nature. Seldom our kids study in government schools, seldom do we visit a government hospital for treatment but almost all of us want a secured government job! Absurdity is never absent in this part of the world. This is us. Now what makes us stand out of the lot in the prerequisites of an amazing country are as follows.

Shri Ayutchandi Mahayagya Samiti from Uttar Pradesh came up with a unique way to deal with pollution. Perform a yagya and pray to God. Very good. The best part of this yagya is that 50,000 kilograms of mango wood are to be burnt for 9 days. The Uttar Pradesh pollution control board didn’t stop the burning of wood in such humongous numbers. They, in fact, displayed their incompetence by saying that the act would cause pollution but it’s little that they can do. Great going Mahayagya Samithi. Release carbon dioxide to curb pollution. Simply Ah-mazing!

Mahatma Gandhi is the father of our nation. Agreed. No doubts in that. He is not only known in India but renowned all over the globe. Hardly does anyone hate him. ( Ambedkar and Gandhi just had ideological differences, that doesn’t mean they hate each other) But it’s only in India you find a temple for the killer of Gandhi, Nathuram Godse. Hindu Mahasabha, a wing of the RSS has constructed this temple. The currency notes which were used for the construction of that very temple also had the face of Mahatma Gandhi on them. Guess in those notes Gandhiji was not smiling but has a facepalm!

Love is a very powerful emotion. Love happens for a reason. But in India, we have a different definition of love. Both the people in love are to be from the same religion, same caste, same status, and he’ll a lot of such things in common. If nothing is in common and yet people love, guess what happens to them. The people in love are mercilessly killed for pride by their own kin in the name of “honor killing” What a decent name to a diabolic activity!

Member of Legislative Assembly from Agar constituency Gopal Parmer has a different way of dealing with Love-jihad. Well for those of you who don’t know what love-jihad means, it’s an obnoxious oxymoron. (An act of a Muslim man wooing a Hindu woman, marry her and change her faith).But when it’s vice versa ( Hindu man wooing a Muslim woman ) it is absolutely fine. Now to deal with this crass issue Parmerji used his ingenious intellect. Bring back the child marriage system and everything will be in order ( discriminatory order). Kudos to your intellect and social consciousness Mr. Parmer.

More than 75 years of our independence and still we can’t take any independent decisions. We can’t choose our life partner, if chosen you’ll be killed with honour(locally known as honour killing). We can’t choose the food they wish to eat as you never know who comes and claims the tikka you’re eating is made of beef (in extreme cases may be lynched as well).We can’t even wear the type of clothes we wish too. Don’t believe me . Well know for yourself then aboutMaeer’s MITSchools in Pune. They have a dress-code for the type of innerwear to be worn by girls in the school. Who has a dress code for underwear! This is Ah-musing!

We believe in science and technology but still, we patronize things which are a lot out of logic. Yes, we are talking about Biplab Deb. The chief minister of Tripura has set the internet on fire for saying something which we didn’t know. The ingenious things said by Mr. Deb are in the public domain and he claimed that the internet existed during the Mahabharata period as well. One can’t seriously know whether it is a “Logic defying science” or “foolishness defining science”. Nevertheless, all of his diligent statements pretty much lie in the bracket of  Ah-mazing!

The descent of dissent is another aspect which makes us amazing. Obviously, when someone is in power, they don’t like to hear anything against them. Anything said or spoken against those in power is an open invite to a folly fate. Be ready to face the same fate of a Shujaat Bukhari or a Gauri Lankesh. Need not necessarily be against the establishment but if spoken against any religious cult or questioned their credibility like how Mr.Kalburgi or Mr. Pansare did. No wonders they were shot dead. The extremist religious cult shows its ability in wiping out people who question their sentiments.T heir agility lies in managing the legal system. So it is evident that dissent has descended drastically over the years.

Next look at our serene beauty of Jammu and Kashmir but look away from its insurgency. Shy away from touring Kathua if you have a daughter as who knows she might be raped and there would be a rally in support of therapists. If the worst possibility happens your grief will be multiplied. Hospitals are finding it hard to maintain oxygen cylinders, so where can you expect proper medication?

Rumours are modern day tumours. A random fake WhatsApp forward can cost someone his life. Nilotpal and Abhijeet died because of a fake WhatsApp forward stating child lifters are wandering in Karbi and so beware. But they suspicion went overboard claiming two lives. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So if you’re someone who’s going to know what’s amazing in India, know what is India first. This is India.

Sermons on Sanskaar show their subtle strength of patriarchy. This is getting rubbed on to the younger generation as well. Anyone who questions about those is silenced with the same rotten statement “What will the society think about you?” We surpass developed nations in the fields of science and technology. Also in exploitation in the name of caste and religion. The constant debate about caste, reservation, and polarization show the chronic symptoms which inhibit the growth of India.

Any other chest thumping article with patronizing perspectives and the exaggerated goodness is not Amazing India. This is India which is certainly not amazing. But to make it amazing we need to know the ground reality and this is the reality which shows we still have a long way to go to be an amazing country.