Okay, so Woman’s Day had just got over and I should have written this before the special day meant for us. Of late I have been following this hilarious yet very intelligently made web series ’The Permanent Roommates’ suggested by a dear friend. The last episode was about the protagonist Tanya’s grand wedding with her bae Mikesh where the former is not fond of this big fat Indian wedding concept. The wedding planner Mrs Khatri, who was not happy about Tanya’s decision, gave her a long brain jolting speech on how nowadays Gen X gals are so sceptical about the institution of marriage yet doing the silliest things on Earth themselves. One sentence of hers to Tanya has actually made me write this today. ”You girls think you are modern, educated, beyond the barriers of Indian society, yet you do the most stupid things by yourself “.

Although it’s totally scripted and made for entertainment purpose, one thing which struck me hard is this sentence. If an Indian Woman does not come out of the barriers of Indian society, her dreams will always remain in that box of desires or she cannot even help other women to reach their dreams.A country where you are restricted to enter your own kitchen while you are just having a natural process like menstruation, how can you confine yourself to the Indian society.You have to come out of this demanding environment. You just have to change your wish of having a perfect day. A place where a mother in law scorns a daughter in law for not wearing the saree to a relative’s place, how can you follow the rules of such a society and chase your dreams?

A woman has to come out of the barriers to at least live a life on her own terms. When you restrict a widow from playing the festival of colours, a woman has to come out of the barriers of this society to aid her, to make her a part of the ‘Indian Society’. Feminism is at its peak while criticising men, but what about women like Mrs Khatri who imposes the ruthless rules of the society to a beautiful mind like Tanya. The woman within should resurrect first to celebrate a perfect Woman’s Day. A mother should be all ears to her little girl’s dreams and aspirations rather than thinking to get rid of her. Woman empowerment is not about screaming for it, it’s about understanding the woman beside you. We are Indians, and we do respect our traditions and love them too, but if one does not wish to follow the same, we do not have the right to expel them from our society.

Rituals and customs should be made to unite people, not to trap them into it. Tanya does not want a grand wedding, she believes in simplicity. But this simple wish will nearly make her a criminal for breaking the shackles of Indian society and it’s more heart wrenching when it comes from a woman. Firstly stand for the woman beside you, who is facing the innumerable wrath of our society and then come out to the world. Yes, we are modern and educated, but only we wish to do something by our comfort, doesn’t make us an anti-social element. We are very much Indian and want to make India a country where a girl doesn’t have to break the shackles to prove her point.A woman should be the power of another woman.

As a saying goes, first respect your own self, then the world will respect you. But often in our society, we see how women pull down another. Relive the understand the woman within, the kind and beautiful one, how God created us. Although there are people who actually care, it is time for pseudo-feminism to take a backseat.