Oh yes, I know this statement sounds familiar. But here, I altered it a bit. Today I’ll be talking about a character who did terrible things (nothing new about that) for his duty and then bounced back to being a faithful warrior when it came to helping his love get her Throne back. Yes, you guessed it right (did you?), it’s Ser Jorah Mormont.

As we have already heard about him being a secret whisperer for Lord Varys, whom, he used to inform all the strategies and whereabouts of Daeneryes. Lord Varys, who was King Robert Baratheon’s whisperer, later used to inform everything to the King, who hated all the Targeryens and wanted Daeneryes dead.

Because of all this, Daeneryes was attacked several times by different people. But since Jorah grew some feelings for her, he used to save her all the time.

What a tough job man! Working as a traitor for two of the most powerful people in the seven kingdoms, Phew!.

Jorah had a pretty rough past, who hasn’t? But that was all his fault from the first (you’ll know once you read the books). He was and still is, one of the best swordsmen in the entire kingdom.

I can’t stop but recall, his amazing battle with the Dothraki blood rider. The way he swings his sword is a treat to watch. Age is just a number for this human being, I’m pretty sure of that.

His father, Ser Jeor Mormont hated him, as he brought disgrace to his house (the only reason why dads hate their sons in GoT).

Not everyone knows about it, but Ned Stark wanted him dead. Why? Do you want to know?
**spoiler alert** (if they ever plan to release the prequel of GoT)

Jorah somehow involved himself in slavery. Which means, he used to buy and sell slaves for the recreational purpose (like the ones you saw in slaver’s bay in Meereen). Slavery was a punishable crime. Which is why, Ned, being the warden of the North, wanted him dead. But Jorah somehow fled the Bear Island and joined Dothraki (kind of), and the rest we all know.

He was one of the only characters who went through a lot in the mid seasons. When Daeneryes heard about his deeds, she banished him. Later, after he proved himself good for her, she took him back. Then he had to find a cure for his grey-scale, a deadly disease, for which he left for Citadel. Where, thanks to the lovable Samwell Tarly, he
was saved.

There’s a hell lot of things to talk about when it comes to Ser Jorah, and I guess we discussed most of it. Now is the time to buy the books.