If he loves then why he fights,
If he cares then why he shouts.
Is he getting pissed off with me?
Or is he now very much bored of me.
These feelings are really crazy,
Some of them are very scary.
He argued and i kept my voice dim
Cause I’m too afraid to lose him..
I care every time like mad
But he doesn’t care so sad.
Didn’t slept last night as I was missing him
And he says that I don’t even think about him
Does he want the way I’m to be changed?
But he only said once ”darling don’t you ever change.. .’’
Or am I changed and I don’t know,
Even then if he loves he won’t let me go
Maybe he doesn’t likes because I’m too possessive
But when he talks to other girls
Unknowingly I become too aggressive.