From the depths of the Ganga,
To the height of the Kanchenjunga,
We have this feeling,
Which resonates in all our ceilings,
Saying we’re Indian and this is our country,
And that fact remains,
Even if the sky starts falling,
Our Kashmir and it’s valleys,
To the alleys in Kannyakumari,
From having a Dhokla for dessert,
To having a house party in the Adobe of our seven sisters,
It’s ours.
It’s all ours.
It belongs to India.
It belongs to the citizens of India,
And we are proud citizens of India.
Our Lassi to our Language,
Our attire to our satire,
Our religions to our various regions ,
Our genders to our many wonders,
Our Agriculture to our ancient culture,
Our spirituality to our sensibility,
Our Tolerance to our Non-violence
Our heart for the art to our natural resources,
Our science to our conscience,
Our Education to everything else in this country.
It’s all ours.
And it’s our constitution,
Our holy institution which says so,
Helping us stand apart,
And stand united.
We preach,
We teach,
But seldom do we breach,
And constantly strive,
To reach the heights of humanity,
Where each and every individual,
Is treated with respect and dignity,
In every aspect
And that is the idea of India,
Which makes us fall in love with her,
All over again.