Thousand Miles presents you the list of top 10 foods that you must eat or taste while at Madhya Pradesh. MP is a culturally rich state and has his own traditions and own food. Some are sweet and yummy and some are hot and delicious. Go through the list and make sure you have them all if you ever been to Madhya Pradesh(MP)

Low fat ,high in carbohydrate ,instant energy food and quick to make.This taste is often served in breakfast and snacks. In MP, Indore poha are more famous for its spicy taste because of add-on jeeravan. Have poha with a sip of tea. It is yummmmyyyy!!!

A desert which is  Deep fried maida batter soaked in sugar syrup.It has variations like imarti, or fried in ghee .easily available in stall ,hawkers and sweet shops .if you really want to enjoy the crisp sweet taste, have it with poha as served in lets have poha jalebi today!


This is delicacy of Madhya Pradesh famous in REWA .This is enjoyed by whole India with little variations in recipe like Launji, Aam Panna, Shikanji. Semi ripped mangoes cooked, mixed with sugar and water ,tossed with cumin seeds. Besan Batter mixed with jeera/ajwain powder  is fried and mixed with the mixture. Black salt and Jeera powder is sprinkled to give it lip smacking taste.


Mahua that is butter tree. Its dry flowers are soaked, cleaned with water. Its paste is mixed wheat flour Jaggery, pinch of cardamon powder and salt. Dough is rolled down, fried and served with green chutney or spicy pickle . When taste of sweet Puri and pickles spice mixes in mouth it tastes ‘yummy!!’

 It is both sweet and savory taste maker. Indore is famous for its baffling variety of mouth watering street food and its the taste of Jeeravan that flows in its air. It is sprinkled over dahi bada, poha, chole tikki etc.

 If you have special love for Gosht, Bhopal will serve you one of the best taste from mughlai cuisine .Mutton being main ingredient with the perfect dose of Indian species.

Pancakes ! yeah ! we Indian have our own pancakes .Prepared with flour fried in ghee and dipped in syrup.Served with Rabdi and  dressed with saffron or pistachio which enhances its taste. Desert lover is definitely going to carve for this dish again and again. Famous in Jabalpur.

Inspired from delectable Rajasthani dish- Dal Bati served in Bhopal. Ghee laden dough balls dipped in ghee are known as bafle complemented with dal and hari chutney(coriander sauce). Dal bafle is  a luscious celestial dish  which has good dose of vitamin, carbohydrate, proteins and fats.

Khandwa region near Jabalpur serves you tasty healthy food .It is prepared with wheat dough mixed with grind spinach leaves and add-on spices as per taste  It is served in breakfast with Aloo Sabji and Raita is added for lunch. This is a complete source of nutrients and taste .

Another street food from Indore is very well tasty and healthy.Grated corns cooked with spices and simmered in milk, which is tossed with green chilies and mustard seeds for the flavour of Madhya Pradesh .