Top 11 Predictions For Game Of Thrones

Just like every other fan, I’m eagerly waiting for the next season. But…

What if all my favorites die (well I shouldn’t be surprised) What if I don’t like the season finale (highly unlikely)

What if all that I’m expecting is NOT going to happen (I learned that the hard way) No one knows, no one but, George RR Martin and David Benioff & DB Weiss.

But when did that ever stop us from expecting?

Now, let’s go back to the last season (season 7) and think about how things ended for each and every major character, shall we?

  1. Tyrion Lannister- last time we checked, he had that sad+mad look on his face when he saw Jon Snow going inside Daenerys’s room (Puns, intended). But why, why that face? Was it because he started to fall for Dany after all? Or was it because he has a hard time trusting Jon, which is unlikely. My first speculation makes more sense here. Rest, I guess we’ll see…
  2. Arya Stark- In her case, last time we checked, she was standing on the balcony along with her sister Sansa, talking about their father. Honestly, I don’t see her fighting the white walkers ( although, that’d be cool), but I actually want her to finally kill off someone from her list… Cersei Lannister. I’m seeing her holding a knife down Cersei’s throat and saying something badass before slitting it.
  3. Jon Snow- Well well well, things seem to have ended pretty well for him the last season (if you know what I mean). But I’m seeing him falling deeper in love with Dany. I’m also seeing that, just like any cliché Indian TV serial, it’s going to take a while before Bran & Sam tell Jon the truth.
  1. Theon Greyjoy- Theon actually did something pretty brave the last season after that cowardly act of leaving his sister out to dry on that ship with Euron. I think as we saw him convincing his men to accompany him to Kings Landing to help him free his sister, he would struggle a lot on his way. A happy ending would obviously be “him saving his sister”, but the GoT end might be that he might get killed off on his way to the prison cell. Rest, we’ll see.
  2. Jaime Lannister– We discussed his possible fate in the next season. Yes, we did, if you didn’t read it, hit “Home” button and go to “Articles” and find the one named “Jaime’s Fate”.
  3. Cersei Lannister- Oh god, this lady. I have a Love-Hate relationship with her. I hate the character and love Lena Headey. She’s spectacular. Well, talking about Cersei, so I see her collaborating with Euron and the army he brought with him from Essos. She’d try her best to keep her city safe, or honestly, to keep ruling the kingdom. For that, she’d try to shield the boundaries of Kings Landing. She knows White Walkers can’t swim, (But how did they chain the dragon… *Shaking my head*) so she’d probably believe that she’d be safer if she stays in her city.
  4. Jaquen H’gaar- I know, you didn’t expect me to mention him, did you? But guess what, I’m just too big a fan that I would prefer doing something that you might not expect. So yes, I have a strong feeling that Jaquen might make a comeback. He was there when Arya was in trouble. And as per the storyline, she’d probably be in a trouble again. Now, I know she’s become one hell of an assassin, but who doesn’t get in trouble? I mean, Brienne of Tarth, hello?
  1. Drogon- Yup, we’re talking dragons here. I don’t see Drogon dying, I just don’t. He can’t die… He won’t die… But, what if he… What if he does… No, we should be positive. I see Rhaegal dying or maybe almost dying because he’s just as fragile as Visereon was. But, Drogon… No.
  2. Ghost- What? You thought only dragons can make into the list? There are rumors in the air that Ghost, Jon’s direwolf, might make a comeback. As Theon called him in the very first episode “Runt of the litter”, he has come a long way, proving that phrase wrong. I see him killing off a few white walkers but ultimately dying in the process. Though, that’d be cool, watching an ice direwolf. I mean, why not? If there can be an ice dragon, why not a direwolf?
  1. Nymeria- Remember her? No? Arya’s direwolf. As we all know, she’s still alive and very much healthy and I still have a feeling that she does remember Arya. I see her helping the starks and their army by making a heroic ( or sheroic) entry and killing off a bunch of white walkers. I don’t think she’ll die. But she can. Though, that’d be heart-breaking.
  2. Catelyn Stark- Okay, hold on. This is too much. She’s already dead. I know, but let me complete. If you are a true fan, I’m sure you might have come across a really popular theory of “Lady Stoneheart” somewhere before the release of season 7. But as we all saw, there was no Lady Stoneheart in the whole 7th season. Well, the theory has arisen again, making it possible that she might make a comeback in season 8. As per the theory, after one of the Frey’s soldiers cut her throat, they threw her in the river along with the others. And a wise man found her, treated her, and thus, she came alive. There was picture released of Lady Stark looking so much like a white walker but colourful (like the ones in The Walking Dead), and if you’ve seen it closely, her throat was stitched and she was wearing a cape like a thingy. If that’s true, it is going to be a lot more fun watching the last season.

Fan theories are fun if they make sense. I think mine does. What do you think?