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Top 8 Things to Keep in Mind Before Watching GoT.3 min read

Top 8 Things to Keep in Mind Before Watching GoT.<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

So, this time I thought, I should help the “about to start watching” people in knowing the basic things to keep in mind before starting off with the first episode.

Here’s a list of things that’ll help you understand better.

Now, before you start reading the below mentioned “points to remember”, I’m assuming that you atleast know the theme of the show. It’s about different houses fighting to sit on the Iron throne (not like the cliché one thrones you see on other shows), and the other houses that are involved in some way or another.

1. It’s a fantasy drama. So, you’ll get to see zombies. Not the regular ones, but the ice zombies. In the series, they’re referred to as “White Walkers”. Since you’ll be starting off with the episode one, I should leave you with just these. There are more exciting elements on your way, buckle up.

2. The theme song that you’ll come across, in the beginning, is a piece of art. At first, you might think of it as any other opening track but let me tell you, It’s actually the whole map of the seven kingdoms. It’ll help you memorize the capital city and other places of importance in the seven kingdoms.

3. They say the first episode is a teensy bit boring. It’s not if you ask me. I mean, guys… understand… The producers have to introduce all the possible plots and storylines in episode one. So it gets really pressurizing, for them to make it all exciting in one go. Episode one will just let you know what is what and who is who.

4. You’d struggle with memorizing the names of the characters because there are too many of them (too many important ones). And it’s nearly impossible to know all of them in the first two episodes. But don’t worry, it’d take you atleast five episodes to remember each one of the characters.

5. Now, I hope you already know that this series is full of gross, cringe-worthy and gore scenes. But that’s not it. It is full of pornographic stuff as well. So I’d recommend, to watch it in isolation. Because you never know what shows up on the screen in the very next minute. Remember, isolation.

6. In the very first episode, you’ll find some weird, junglee looking tribal people with extreme masculinity, talking in a strange language. The language is called “Dothraki” (doth-raa-kee) and they are the Dothraki tribes. So, to understand their sequence, I recommend you to please download the subtitles and save yourself from the pain of not understanding anything.

7. Life, in Game of Thrones, is unpredictable. Mr. George RR Martin (the writer, genius) made sure of that. So, before deciding who your favorite character is, you should know the fact that he/she might die in the very next episode. So, to again save yourself from all the tears, prefer not having a favorite character. So, that you don’t lose the will to continue ( it’s gonna be hard).

8. Last, but definitely not the least. Mr. George RR Martin, like I said, is a genius. He knows the taste of this generation better than anyone else. He knows what we like to watch. So, he made sure that GoT has it all.

Be it War…
Be it fantasy…
Be it extreme violence and torture (I know, people like that too)…
Be it pornographic stuff (ahem ahem)…
Or be it a dope ass plot…
GoT won’t disappoint you…
Now, I think you’re good to go. So what are you waiting for?

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