Tubelight is an inspirational drama tells the story of one boy’s belief in himself in a small town in the hills of Northern India.After Block blaster movies like Bajrangi Bhaijan, Ek the tiger the duo came together to tell another heartwarming story about trust and self-confidence.The movie is based on the power of doing good and trust i.e.,”Yakeen” in Hindi.

Tubelight opened a positive response on the first day.The movie collected Rs.21.25 crore on its opening day which is the second highest this year according to Box office India Report.

In Tubelight, Salman Khan who played the role of Lakshman Singh Bisht  a Kumaoni man waiting eagerly for his brother to return from India-China war of 1962. The child artist in the movie is bullied and taunted by local boys for being Chinese. Although the child’s mother and he have been living in India since their childhood.In that case, both are Indian citizens. Salman Khan i.e., Lakshman Singh is teased by the people of the village as “TUBELIGHT” because he takes time to come on and give up on an answer. But he never gave up, he what trusted himself.So the movie is what based on confidence and conviction.

Kya tumhe yakeen hein?” “Do you have faith?” “Do you believe?” These questions are repeated several times in the movie showing us the power of self-confidence.With that self-belief and hope, Lakshman Singh succeeded in bringing his brother his home.

I personally loved the movie.I guess some people hated because they expected Salman Khan beating dozens of villains, taking off his shirt, romance and also an item number. But it’s their choice. I Don’t have an objection.But the movie taught us the importance of hope and self-belief. It has an emotional attachment. It gave us the message that even small things can bring happiness and can make us smile. With self-belief, we can do anything and one can stop us. It is a positive belief that one can accomplish anything that one wishes to do. So, the movie “Tubelight” came up with the purpose of showing this to the audience. Moreover, the movie most importantly shows the value of friendship and brotherhood.

My favourite dialogue in the movie is ‘Agar  insaan ke dil me yakeen ho toh who chattan bhi hila sakta hain.” has inspired me a lot. The entire movie has motivated me a lot.I think self-confidence and hope are what everyone seeks for. So the movie will help a lot to have that conviction and confidence. I  loved the movie.It is an inspirational story. Do watch it.

Reviewed by: Sushmita Deka