UDGHOSH’17– the assertive proclamation of one’s prowess’s and talents in just the right amount; enterprising but not aggressive, tolerant but not meek and remarkable but not florid. The synergistic impact of different sectors, UDGHOSH the grand annual fest of I.T.S Engineering College (Greater Noida) has been thriving ever since its manifestation, each of its versions a notch higher in caliber and competition than the previous one and each one being a touchstone for the next one. Only the legacy of unyielding spirit of hard work, sincerity and camaraderie remains constant.

We, the members of I.T.S engineering college and the brotherhood of UDGHOSH believe in the importance of the world outside that confines of academia and that each one of us is entitled to the fair opportunity of honing and showcasing our talents. Thus the fest is an annual endeavor to encourage our fellow students to buoy up whatever is budding and hidden and most importantly, rediscover the trail of exuberance from the marshes of mundane and inert life. The sound of the blissful music that fills the ears like fluid; the whiff of all the savory and sumptuous food; the merrymaking maidens and somersaulting acrobats; the eclectic rhythm of the collective romp and fervor; the sheer flamboyance of the ornate surroundings; Be it the Kumbh mela of India, Carnival of Rio, Mardi Gas of the United States or the Cologne festival of Germany, the captivating magic lies in the dazzling blend of all these elements.

UDGHOSH-Carnival 2017 is the brainchild of the visionary team that conceived a new unprecedented edition on the humble grounds of I.T.S Engineering College. The annual fest which is scheduled for 9th and 10th of March heartily welcomes all those who wish to be the part of its merriment and overall jubilation. This year, a myriad of fun games and activities coupled with an ecstatic ambience, promise the most delightful and unforgettable experience for those who participate. One may just drop by but would want to stay forever. Like every year, Agni, Vyom, Salil and Vayu, the four pillars of our institute will compete with each other in a plethora of events under various clubs such as dramatics, dance , fine arts, music, sports ,photography, Hindi/ English literature as well ,thus making UDGHOSH’17 a unrivaled blend of music, dance literature and sports. UDGHOSH’17, a fest which is first of its kind, aims at delivering Opportunities and exhibiting equal reverence for students with talents and skills of each and every domain. There are various clubs in UDGHOSH’17 unitedly organizing a number of events that serves as a majestic platform for student to showcase their talent and skills .

UDGHOSH’17, a dynamic extravaganza of culture, sports and intellect, consists of more than twenty five events in total, vividly exhibiting the diversity of talents and skill embellished in ITS students. All clubs are closely coordinating to turn the fest into a soul stirring and consummate experience of every dimension of human persona. Continue reading to know what UDGHOSH’17 is bringing for you all

Thousand Miles is one of the Online Media Partners of Udghosh’17, ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida.

Event date: 9th-10th March, 2017

Event Venue: ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida.

Event Website: itsudghosh.tk