It has come

It has come again,

To bargain,

With our brains,

To get a stake in our gains,

Like it always does,

Every five years,

With a mercurial mask,

Hiding the evil will,

Which is eager to make our aspirations still.

It is election,

We’re talking about,

And to win this bout,

Leaders do anything and everything,

They scream and shout,

They troll and roll,

They pose and even pout,

They’ll leave no stone unturned,

To get their opponents out,

All sorts of theatrics are put in place,

To replace or regain the place,

Spit at morals and values on the face,

Rules are bent,

Dents to the bureaucracy,

Establishments bribed and  rented,

For one sole win,

They commit numerous sins,

Without an inch of regret.

It’s election

Basically it’s a selection,

Between people who hardly had any education

Who often use the communal diction,

Who are closely linked with criminals,

Whose manifesto is a mere fiction,

Who only pander to people of a certain section,

Buying journalists who are waiting to be bootlickers,

Who are ready for this ethical extortion,

By spreading their pungent one-sided prediction,

Reducing standards and reducing discourse,

Becoming an addiction,

To our alreadylimping democracy,

Where friends become foes,

Foes become friends,

All eyeing for power,

None caring for our deeds,

Yet we ought to vote,

With a hope for a better tomorrow.

And yet we see a vampire empire where people’s attire is still so dire.