This is the era of the #metoo movement, the revolution where everyone encourages women to love themselves and do whatever they want. Like, to talk openly about having period troubles for example. But a certain thing has got attention recently. In this whole feminism thing, we have completely forgotten about the fundamentals of feminism i.e. equality among the humans, in spite of their sex and sexuality. This concept in decades has been also distorted in many ways. In this patriarchal society, a working woman is now being respected but a home-maker man is still a taboo. We want the chairs to be pulled for us all the time but the vice-versa is a sin. It bluntly questions their manhood.

Little boys who don’t even realize which emotion they are going through are taught not to sob ever. If there is dowry, so is the desire of a rich husband.  If we are expected to be graceful and gentle then they must be tough and strong. Here women talk in such pride of being strong, independent and to love themselves recklessly. But if even just one guy talk about the same he will be trolled. Why is that? The whole initiate behind gender equality seems tamed in the aura of pseudo feminism. Earning, spending, chores or children, all are equally responsible for all this. I think we the people who call themselves feminist should encourage both guys and girls to be confident and to do the thing they like. Let’s teach our guy friends that it is okay to cry, to take time, to be expressive and to be honest to the choices and love themselves for being anyone they wish to be not how the world expects them to see.

People have fought battles and died to make such huge changes to the world especially to have a sense of freedom and their efforts made very important changes to the legal hierarchy but the social boundaries are still a far place to go. And the most impossible battle is with your judgmental and rigid thought process. But do you dare to change it?

Humans are completely aware of the fact that to sail a boat it has to be balanced from both the ends to reach the very end. And so is the society. Girls and guys are humans first and then anything else. And a human at least in a few fortunate countries like ours is absolutely liberal to be any damn thing. We got to stop making a box for how it should be for a man or woman and expect everyone to fit in. No, that won’t happen ever because the diversity of this wonderful world is one such character of the place where we live in. And we all super fortunate that we can pour our heart about how we feel and what we cannot stand. Think about all the transgender, bisexuals and homosexuals who even in 2019 can’t stand for themselves like anywhere. Think about it, still a long way to go.