Sometimes, when we expect something from someone that we love dearly, the result is often unsatisfactory.

Which is probably what happened in the case of the highly anticipated new and final season of Game of Thrones. People are furious over how terrible the whole season was and how it looked as if the makers wherein a hurry as if someone held a gun onto their heads. Well, technically, No…metaphorically, Yes. The people who held a metaphorical gun over the makers was actually HBO. Now, I don’t know what their deal was, because GoT was the only reason their network was still gaining some TRP. Then why on earth did they want GoT to end so badly? I wish I had the answers, but No, I don’t have any. HBO had asked the makers to wrap up the final season in 6 episodes. Which means that they had a lot to cover in limited episodes. The first two episodes were basically the plot build-ups. The third episode was nothing short of fabulous.

Now, I heard a lot of people saying that they didn’t expect the Night King to die in the same episode. I ask, why? What else were you expecting? A war of Winterfell lasting three episodes? Can you hear yourself? Winterfell is basically one of the smallest towns in the entire seven kingdoms. Also, it is the second stoppage after you cross the wall ( the first being the Last Hearth). A war between such big armies in such a small place. And the makers managed to extend it for a whole episode, Applause. When I come to think of it, when we were still waiting for the final season, even I thought that Night King might last till the final episode. Now I laugh at myself for thinking that was even possible. Still, people would rate episode three to be the best in the whole season. Yes, I’d admit that I believed that neither Danaerys nor Sansa or Arya would sit on the throne. Because, that seemed too obvious, and GoT is known for doing things that are not obvious. I knew someone totally unexpected or someone that we thought would be the last person to sit would be sitting on the iron throne.  Obviously, no one is sitting on the iron throne because there is no iron throne. I think that scene in the final episode was magnificent. Drogon almost felt like a human to me.  “If not my mum, then no one”, was probably what was going through his mind. All this makes you wonder if he actually understands things, or is he just a dragon. Why are you still upset? What were you expecting? A fairytale ending? (giggling).

I’ll tell you one of the best theories that I came across and really wanted it to be true. Now, I know it’s not exactly a theory because it’s mentioned in the books. But, still, it amazed me. The theory of Azor-Ahai. The promised prince would have to sacrifice his love in order to save humanity. When you listen to it, Jon and Dany pop-up in your mind. So, we thought Jon would have to sacrifice Dany to save people from the white-walkers, from the winter that was never going to end. But, when we saw Arya doing the job we thought of it as just another theory. Then episode 5 happened, and people went nuts to see Danaerys going all “like father like daughter”. Honestly, that hurt me, but I wasn’t surprised. We all had been seeing her killer instincts from season 1. Her brother was getting murdered in front of her and she didn’t bat her eyes.

All the killings she had done so far seemed okay, because they were all bad guys, and she kept blabbering about how she wasn’t like her father. And she wanted to break the wheel. Well, she did break the wheel, by killing everyone. The only thing that was landing in the Kings Landing was the ashes from the burnt buildings. I bet the city smelt horrible from all the dead people. And even then, she was ready to kill everyone who wouldn’t want to live in the world that Dany was going to build. So, what does our Jon do? He saves humanity from the very danger that his love had become. There you have it, the Azor-Ahai.

Now, I heard people were upset about him being sent back to the Night’s Watch and I don’t understand why. You were mad when Jon bid Ghost farewell. Well, he went back to him so, smile. Also, he always wanted to join the Night’s Watch, we had seen him saying that to Uncle Benjen in the pilot episode. The only reason he left the Night’s Watch was to save his people from the coming danger, the very reason that made him join the Night’s Watch in the first place. Arya went on to do what she wanted. Yes, this wasn’t the first time she had mentioned her wish of seeing what’s in the west of Westeros. She had said it to Lady Crane in Bravos. Sansa, went on to become what she always wanted to be, the Queen. Everybody got what they wanted, Bronn got his castle (which was the most important thing I wanted to happen). And Bran is the King, and you know what they say, selfless human beings serve people the best (they= I, I said it)

I hope I made my point, if you beg to differ, comment down below and let me know. I’d love me a nice argument. Peace.